Resources for Students


Online Catalog

Primo lets you search for books, ebooks and online and print journal articles all at the same time using a single search tool.

Important: Full text only available to Mount Angel Abbey monks, students, faculty and staff.  Also, please use the latest version of Firefox as we've had complaints that other browsers block the viewing of some content.

Subject Guides

The library staff has prepared several subject guides. They are intended to be used as a general introduction to the subject, a research aid, a guide to World Wide Web sources, and a guide to holdings contained in the library. For further assistance with these and other subjects, please contact the reference librarian.

Rerum Novarum Scientia

A series of short presentations to seminarians and faculty on how to more effectively use the resources of the library.


The library subscribes to online databases provided by two vendors: EBSCO and Gale.

The EBSCO databases focus on religon, while the Gale databases cover all other topics.

EBSCO: Academic and Theological Topics

Gale: All other Topics

The library also provides access to two Ebooks collections.

University Press Online Ebooks – Religion

ACLS Humanities Ebooks