Mount Angel Abbey

Prayer & Mass Requests

Oremus – Let Us Pray

Oremus — Latin for “let us pray” — is the line spoken or sung at every Mass and hour of the Divine Office to invite the gathered individuals to unite their many prayers into the one prayer of Christ. The monks of Mount Angel Abbey warmly invite you to participate in this “work of God” so that, in the words of Saint Benedict, Christ might “bring us all together to everlasting life”
(Holy Rule, chapter 72).

Individual Mass Requests

Every priest-monk of Mount Angel Abbey offers Mass each day, either privately or as a concelebrant at the community Mass. To request that Mass be celebrated for your particular intention, please click the button below.

Community Enrollments

Daily Community Mass

Enrollees are perpetually included in the intentions of the monks’ daily community Mass. In recognition of this fact, we provide each new enrollee with an individualized commemorative certificate. The suggested offering for enrollment is $100.


Anniversary Remembrance for Departed Loved Ones

Each day, one Mass is offered for all those enrolled who passed away on that date.


Novena & Prayer Series

The monks of Mount Angel Abbey celebrate five prayer series during the year:

      • All Souls: November 2 – 30
      • Christmas: December 25 – January 1
      • Saint Joseph: March 11 – 19
      • Saint Benedict: July 3 – 11
      • Assumption: August 7 – 15

Enrollees are remembered in the private and communal prayers of every monk during each prayer series, and a Mass is celebrated each day of the series for all those enrolled.

One month before each series, enrollees will receive a corresponding prayer card and an intention card. The intention card may be returned to us with an optional financial offering. To receive these cards and enroll in our prayer series, please send us your name and address.