We Welcome You as Christ!

The peace of the Lord be with you! Welcome to Mount Angel Abbey. We hope that your virtual visit to this Benedictine monastery, with its world famous library, seminary schools of philosophy and theology, and guest and retreat house will be a source of peace and blessing to you. In the words of our blessed Father Saint Benedict, “All guests are to be received as Christ.” Whatever your interests may be, we hope you will continue your journey in faith with us.

Abbot Jeremy and the monks of Mount Angel Abbey

Mount Angel Letter - Winter 2018

In this winter issue of Mount Angel Letter, we wanted to share some of the ways we monks observe the holy season of Lent. One of the most beautiful and humbling customs for us is the practice of Bona Opera (“Good Works”). According to the direction of St. Benedict, each monk presents to the Abbot the good works he intends to do as penance during Lent. We also offer some ideas how every family can participate in this traditional Benedictine practice.