Benedictine Brewery

Benedictine Brewery and St. Michael Taproom

The monks at Mount Angel have become part of a 1,500-year-old monastic tradition, brewing artisanal beer.

Fr Martin OSBThe vision for a Benedictine Brewery at the Abbey has been in formation for some years. After much planning, consulting, brewing, and constructing, it is now a reality as the Benedictine Brewery and the St. Michael Taproom are scheduled to celebrate a Grand Opening the weekend of September 22-23.

The first days of operation, though, will be during the nearby town of Mt. Angel's Oktoberfest, September 13 to 16. Limited taproom service will be available each afternoon during Oktoberfest, from noon to 5 pm.

After Oktoberfest, the fall hours of operation will be:

Wednesday and Thursday: 2 to 7 pm
Friday and Saturday: 1 to 8 pm
Sunday: 11 am to 5 pm
(Closed Monday and Tuesday)

The Brewery and Taproom is situated on the lower south side of the Abbey Hilltop at 400 Humpert Lane, NE. It will be the authentic place to gather and enjoy Benedictine craft beer with a light snack. 

A brief history of the Benedictine Brewery

Brewers, beer writers, and craft beer judges captivated by the vision of a monastic brewery have volunteered their time, brewing suggestions, and business advice. A community timber raising, which took place last November, was an inspiring example of the communal nature of the project. The all-day affair involved more than 100 volunteers – including monks, seminarians, and staff from the Abbey, as well as members of the local town of Mt. Angel. The only break in the day's efforts was to gather for a prayer service in the brewery structure at noon followed by a traditional barbecue lunch. In the course of the brisk Saturday, what started as a bare concrete slab quickly became a structural frame with building blocks that defined the overall shape of the Brewery and Taproom. The frame was built from 14,000 board feet of Douglas fir harvested from the Abbey tree farm.

benedictine brewery w glassFr. Martin Grassel, O.S.B., (shown in photo at top of page) is general manager of the brewery and has been at the Abbey since he started seminary there in 1995. Between duties as the Procurator (CFO) of the Abbey, he has been advancing his brewing and beer-tasting skills. Fr. Jacob Stronach, O.S.B., has been learning the trade by interning at a brewery in nearby Silverton. Other monks lend their hands on days of brewing or bottling.

One of only three breweries in the United States owned and operated by monks, this Benedictine craft beer will use locally sourced hops grown on Abbey land and water from the monks' well. These include the Brewery's flagship beer, Black Habit, which has received an enthusiastic reception from the brewing community and beer lovers. Until the official opening of the Brewery and Taproom, cases of Black Habit and other Benedictine brews can be purchased in the Abbey Bookstore. 

Abbot Jeremy and Brother Anselm As Fr. Martin explains it: To say the taproom should be a place of hospitality and welcome and family-friendliness would be too shallow. It should be a place where people are more than just welcome: a place where they will feel blessed, where they will feel the peace of the Abbey, where they will encounter faith in an inviting and non-threatening way, where they will want to come back because of the spiritual atmosphere. 


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