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The Christian in the World

The Christian in the World lecture series, sponsored by Mount Angel Institute, is an integrated program of study, prayer and discussion for Catholics who want to live their faith more deeply. The program seeks to help participants gain a more profound understanding of the Scriptures and the Church, and to support lay people in exploring how to live their baptismal vocation in everyday life.

January 27, 2024
What is monastic spirituality?

Led by Br. Ambrose Stewart, OSB
Presentation One | Winter-Spring 2024

Monastic spirituality as a guide for life for every person is the theme for the winter/spring 2024 Christian in the World series. The first lecture is titled, “What is monastic spirituality?” The focus is on the Desert Fathers – those 3rd and 4th century monks who first fled to the Egyptian desert in search of God.

Download PDF file for text to accompany the audio file for What Is Monastic Spirituality?

Fr. Joel Rippinger, OSB Scarred by Struggle, Shaped by Sacrifice: How Mount Angel Abbey Became a Beacon of Monastic Life