Seminary Benefit Gathering


Encounter the Heart of Mount Angel Seminary

This year presented us with an opportunity to hold our 17th annual Seminary Benefit as a virtual event, making it available to share with friends and supporters of Mount Angel Seminary across the country and around the world! The video is a true encounter into the heart of the seminary through music and personal testimonies of faith and hope from the seminarians themselves.

We invite you to watch the video, share it with friends and family, and meet the men preparing to be our next generation of priests.

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Honor Roll of Our 2020 Seminary Benefit Gathering Sponsors and Benefactors

This list includes all sponsorships and gifts received as of October 29, 2020. If you made or are making a gift after October 29, please check back as this listing will be updated periodically.

Annunciation Circle

St. Benedict – Presenting Sponsors & Benefactors

Anonymous (1)

Larry and Jeanette Epping Family Foundation

Donald J. Mareina

St. Scholastica – Leadership Sponsors & Benefactors

Anonymous (2)

A.J. Frank Family Foundation

Stephen P. Zimmer

St. Joseph Sponsors & Benefactors

Anonymous (2)

Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

Donald and Ardith Claeys

Albert and Susanne Corrado

Diocese of San Diego

Robert ’58 and Jean Fessler / Bob Fessler Family Foundation

Timothy J. Freeman

Jamieson and Tiffany Grabenhorst / Horst & Graben Wealth Management

William and Cindy Hunt / Hunt Painting Company

Linda P. Keizer

George and Donna Mareina

Rachel J. Nagel

Joseph and Lauri Pszeracki

Patrick and Kathleen Quigg

Joan and Greg Stanton

Benjamin and Mei Ling Ting

Abbot’s Circle

St. Thomas Aquinas Sponsors & Benefactors

Archdiocese of Seattle

Becker Capital Management, Inc.

Louise and Ralph ’47 Bochsler

Gene and Karen Dieringer / Dieringer’s Properties, Inc.

Diocese of Boise

Diocese of Salt Lake City

Stephen ’66 and Francene English / Perkins Coie LLP

Eton Lane Foundation

Thomas and Joan Elizabeth Etter

Holy Trinity Catholic Church – Beaverton

Fergus and Tamara Loughran

Jackie B. Miller

John and Suann Mooney

Thomas and Patricia Oldenburg

Carlo and Evelyn Pedron / Pedron Properties LP

Arlene D. Schnitzer

Rachael E. Thurston

David and Linda Weber

OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation

Byron and Cynthia Grant / The WRG Foundation

Jung and Anne Yoo

St. Anselm Sponsors & Benefactors

Anonymous (2)

David and Roxanne Baltz

Mark and Valerie Beckius

Angela M. Belding

Karen M. Belding

Thomas G. Cullen and Kas Weigant

Gary and Venera De Voe

Arthur ’61 and Sandy Diederich

Diocese of Orange

Diocese of Sacramento

Margaret A. Duyck

James and Catherine Elting

Jon and Mary Jean Englund

Mike and Mary Grant / The Grant Company

Paul and Monique Harris

Joel and Helen Hein

Jodi and Rodney Kilcup

John and Sharon Meek

Oregon Catholic Press

Frank and Jill Dulcich / Pacific Seafood

David and Joanna Pienovi

Dr. Thomas Pitre and Dr. Lynne Bissonnette-Pitre

John and Bonnie Providenza

James and Gloria Redmond

Honorable Allen L. and Georgann Reel

John and Patricia Rickman

Claude I. Smith ’47

George Sprague ’68 and Karen Moran

Paul and Rosemary Westby

Donald and Janet Williams

William E. Winter

James ’61 and Carol Zuiches

St. Therese Sponsors, Co-Sponsors & Benefactors

Anonymous (8)

Mark and Patricia Baker

Andrew and Rhonda Bellando

Benedictine Mission House / Christ the King Priory – Schuyler, ND

Darlene Benjamin

Anthony and Barbara Benjamin

Leonard T. Berard

Dayna M. Bloomquist

Tania and Gordon Bochsler

Edward and Pat Brant

John ’44 and Peggy Brockamp

Philip and Barbara Brown

Jerry and Camille Brusaschetti

Jerome and Shirley Buckmier

Brent and Carrie Bullock

Rev. Msgr. Donald Buxman ’64

Robert and Leanne Buxman

Catholic Charities

Constance D. Chambers

Geraldine Chanler

Christ the King Catholic Church – Milwaukie

Robert and Maureen Clark

Christopher and Kimra Corrado

Ray and Nikki Elkins / D & R Masonry Restoration, Inc.

Ruth DeSantis

Mrs. Florence DiBenedetto

Joanne DiBenedetto Burdick and David Burdick

Diocese of Baker / The Legacy of Faith Catholic Community Foundation

Diocese of Fresno

Diocese of Honolulu

Diocese of Las Vegas

Diocese of Tucson

Diocese of Yakima

John and Pamela Doumit

Melissa and Patrick Eddings

Roberta C. English ’56

Adolf and Vida Eppich

Thomas and Nancy Eyer

Les and Nancy Fahey

Joseph and Sheryl Ferguson

Kenneth ’57 and Marie Fessler

Robert and Pamela Fisher

Rev. Joseph P. Fleming ’12

Dennis and Dawn Frank

Philip and Judy Fritz

Paulette A. Furness

Susan M. Gallagher

Helen Gienger

Rev. Mr. Gerald and Maureen Giger

Frank and Mary Gill Family Foundation

George and Mary Glass

John and Mary Grammel

Khristopher and Jenine Greene

Dr. Thomas G. and Shannon Greene

Marie Louise Haener

Kenneth and Margret Harris

Arlene Harris Smit and Paul Smit

Timothy Hays and Eileen McCurry Hays

Patricia E. Heinlein

Steven and Lora Heli

Ronald and Kathleen Hostetler

Mrs. Ann Humberston

Brian and RaeAnn Jackson

Anne C. Jesse

Cerise Joe

Ann and Ted Johnson

Lynn Cayanus and Daniel R. Jones

Michael Jones and Victoria Petri-Jones

George and Sheila Kaczor

James and Anna Keller

Ilse and Michael Kemp

Gordon J. and Dara C. King

Rev. Martin L. King ’96

Mary C. King

Knights of Columbus, #1307

Brian and Kathryn Maag

Kevin L. Mannix P.C.

Rev. Patrick McNamee ’66

Kenneth and Patricia Morgan

Bianca and Philip Nerenberg

Edward and Anne Newbegin

Rev. Thomas M. O’Donnell

James and Theresa O’Hanlon

Oregon State K of C Charities

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Chapel – Mount Angel

Melliza Palazo

Rev. Msgr. Richard Paperini ’77

Ulana Pedersen

Dean and Carol Petitt

Richard and Mary Potter

Ralph and Diane Puncochar

Bill and Suzanne Reed

Barbara Regan

Patrick and Noreen Regan

Resurrection Catholic Church – Tualatin

Vincent and Mary Rigert

Norbert ’53 and Katherine Schmitz

Stephen and Josefina Schommer

Colleen Seed

Seminary Tea Committee

Dr. Brian S. Shaffer

Alice I. Shelley

Arlyn and Donelle Shrum

John and Clare Sislow

St. Martin de Porres Trust

St. Mary Catholic Church – Mt. Angel

St. Patrick Catholic Church – Portland

Paul Stadelman

Most Rev. Kenneth D. Steiner ’58

Tim and Teresa Stempel

Neil and Joyce Stoneberg

John and Ruth Talbott

Joseph and Sarah Tennant / Tennant Foundation

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Thiede

Gary ’57 and Yvonne Thomas

Robert and Denise Tomasovic

Mary Jo Tully

Robert and Sandra Turner

Most Rev. John G. Vlazny

James and Nellie Welsh

Ted and Sheila Winnowski

Paul ’49 and Elizabeth Wolf / The Wolf Family Charitable Foundation

Michael and Anne Woster

Jeffrey Yandle and Dr. Molly Moran-Yandle

Dr. Leo and Bella Yau

Archangel Circle

St. Michael the Archangel Co-Sponsors & Benefactors

Anonymous (5)

Kevin and Bernadette Alano

David Almodovar

Ronald and Carol Baier

Dr. Kenneth and Barbara Balmforth

Dan and Donna Bevens

Pamela Jean Bloom

Thomas Chenoweth and Mary Lenore Fines

Mark and Mindy Doumit

Timothy and Mary Eivers

Leslie and Roderick Emery

Kareena and Bradley Fields

Timothy and Linda Flynn

Donald and Mary Joan Gordon

Michael and Mary Grainey

Nicholas Guarriello

Stewart and Mona Hayes

Mary Holzapfel

Juliann H. Jensen

Dr. William and Mary Keenan

Robert and Barbara Kindel

James Lawrence

Annette S. Levy

Colleen and Al Lucas

Kevin and Lisa Mangers

John and Teresa Mattingly

Jennifer and Dave Murray

Mark and Mary Neil

Don and Loretta Payne

John and Peggy Platt ’96

Judy Purdy Richardson

Allan and Cathie Schmitt

Ronan and Marilyn Scholz

Floyd and Frances Sperle

Elizabeth G. Stroup

Philip and Dorothy Tenkhoff

Joyce and John Ullrich

Rex Wardlaw and Becky Brauer

Richard and Johnna Willebrand

St. Raphael the Archangel Benefactors

Anonymous (8)

Lance and Jodi Arritola

Gordon and Mary Atkins

Vincent and Sally Avolio

Albert and Carolyn Bakker

Robert and Marjorie Balcerski

Stephen and Florence Balog

Gary Bass ’14

Nancy D. Benjamin

Mrs. Linda A. Bentz

Florence Beyer

Eunice Beyer ’50

Chris and Michelle Bochsler

David and Nancy Bochsler

Maureen Boggs

Mrs. Clara Lou Bricher

Amy Brown

Mary and Ray Brown

Jeanne and David Buswell

John and Anna Callegari

Richard and Elaine Childs

Mark Chopko

Richard and Ann Claeys

Leonard ’55 and Joann Cooper

Katherine M. Cristelli

Barbara and John Curran

Barbara Curtin Miles

Anthony and Maria Dal Bello

Binh Dang

Rev. John C. Daniel ’92

Silvio and Ana Luiza De Melo

Darryol and Norine De Rego

Judith S. Dennison

Steve and Carrell DeShaw

David and Judy Dresser

Adam Drost

James and Karen Duggan

Keri and Stephen Erving

Alex ’49 and Mary Lou Erwert

Dr. Thompson M. Faller, Ph.D.

Irene and Robert Farris

Dr. Ernest Fatta and Suzette Baugh Fatta

Katherine and Renton Feller

Rev. Msgr. Harvey Fonseca ’92

Joseph ’52 and Joan Galati

Michael and L. Annette Gallagher

Dr. Eva Galvez

Timothy J. Gomez ’11

Diane and John Gooley

Ann Gordon Steinberg

Patricia and John Gorman

Rev. Jose S. Griego

Raymond and Brenda Grubbs

Delbert ’63 and Nannett Haener

Anna Marie and Roy Henderson

Terry Luanne and Robin Hess

Mike and Deanna Hochstein

Jocelyn Hoffman

Houck Evarts & Company LLC

Deanna E. Huseth

William and Kathleen Johnson

Sharon and Dale Kadell

Naim N. Kassicieh, C.P.A.

Thomas and Sherri Keepes

Joseph and Frances Keller

Ronald and Caroline Kernan

Grant Kobayashi

Elaine Kohnen

Virginia M. Krall

Deidra Krys-Rusoff and John Rusoff

Thomas and Mary Lewis

Keith and Maria Lustria

James and Darlene Marquardt

Mr. and Mrs. Ross R. Mayfield

Geoffrey and Julie McCarthy

Michael and Marcie McDonald

Barbara Mills and Richard Mills

Jeanette and James Munyon

Dennis and Shirley Murphy

Richard ’70 and Evelyn Nibler

Michael Oleszkiewicz

Dr. Donald R. and Joanne Olson

Richard Ordos

Mrs. Elizabeth Owczarski

Joseph T. Papa

Stephen and Margo Peifer

John and Barbara Pickett

Maria Amalia Peraza-Contreras

Judy Powers

Terry Lee and Terry Ann Prince

Francis and Helen Reichert

David and Cece Reitz

Rev. Michael J. Rizzo ’19

Lawrence and Nancy Rocha

Joyce Romanski

Pedro and Kristin Rubalcava

Patrick D. Ryan

Karen and Douglas Schellinkhout

Linda K. Schroetke

Patsy and Miles Seeley

Sisters of the Precious Blood

Maureen G. Sloan

Mary Spaulding

Loretta R. Stark

Michael ’62 and Jean Tate

Lillian Tobias

Thomas and Katherine Tomaszek

Mike and Sadie Tran

Betty J. Tretheway

Rev. Tetzel B. Umingli ’16

Edward and Sharon Van Dyke

James and Katie Voss

Kenneth and Susan Watkins

Robert and Anne Wehrley

Rev. Mr. Kevin and Susan Welch

Robert F Wendling and Charleen Lang

Barbara P. Werschkul

Greg and Caroline Wildhaber

Beverly and Jon Wimmer

Gary and Katie Withers

James ’54 and Nancy Zauner

Very Rev. Gary M. Zender ’80

Laura Zimmer

Stephanie and Tony Zimmer Secretario

Thank you to all other benefactors

Mary Amsberry

Bruce and Mary Asmus

Ernest G. Barbeau ’62

Thelma Bourbonnais

Patricia A. Clark

John P. Cole

Naomi J. Croy

Donald G. Dickey

Keith R. Erlebach ’67

Harold and Virginia Garey

Angela and Ralph Godfrey

Ernest and Karen Heuberger

Julia Jensen

Dr. Charles L. Jinneman

William Lorch

Danny P. Luna

Robert A. Lyon

Richard and Jane Myrand

Tuan H. Nguyen

Bonita L. Post

Scottie and Earlene Scallion

Wolfgang and Mary Schaefer

Jane and Kenneth Schuebel

Kent D. Sternitzke

Geraldine M Sternizke

Live Gathering

After the video Encounter the Heart of the Seminary, the benefit gathering concluded with a Live Gathering, giving viewers an opportunity to hear more from the seminarians and some of the people who help make life at Mount Angel thrive.

Prayer for Seminarians

O Lord, we earnestly ask you to bless our seminarians, inspiring them to love you with their
whole minds and hearts and to gladly spend their entire lives serving your Church.

May your power shine out through their humanity. In their afflictions may they never
be crushed; in their doubts, never despair; in persecution, never abandoned. May they be
buoyed by the joy of communion with the Body of Christ.

We pray that you will draw each seminarian nearer to you, as he lives the mystery of your
death and rising. Send him your Spirit, put your word on his lips, and your love in his
heart – that in all things God may be glorified. Amen.

Email or call us at 503.845.3030 for more information.