Building the Future of Mount Angel Seminary

Together let us find strength and joy in supporting the future priests of our Church.

Since 1889, Mount Angel Seminary has been a primary work of the monks of Mount Angel. Throughout that history, several thousand alumni and supporters have helped grow and sustain the Seminary. In the past 20 years, we felt this support through the loving enthusiasm of those who sponsored and attended the annual Seminary Benefit Dinner.

For the past several years, the dinner was held in the fall at the Oregon Convention Center. It has grown to become the largest Catholic gathering in the western United States, seating more than 1,000 guests, monks, and seminarians. A smaller but no less enthusiastic and appreciated dinner has been held by the Catholic community in Eugene for the past nine years.

Given the ongoing concerns of the pandemic and large crowds, we have decided not to hold these large in-person events this coming year. We realize how disappointing to many of those who have come to count on these dinners as time to deepen their faith and hope in the future of our church. But please know, we want to remain united with you in prayer and invite your continued prayerful and financial support for all the men currently preparing for the priesthood at Mount Angel Seminary.

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Prayer for Seminarians

O Lord, we earnestly ask you to bless our seminarians, inspiring them to love you with their
whole minds and hearts and to gladly spend their entire lives serving your Church.

May your power shine out through their humanity. In their afflictions may they never
be crushed; in their doubts, never despair; in persecution, never abandoned. May they be
buoyed by the joy of communion with the Body of Christ.

We pray that you will draw each seminarian nearer to you, as he lives the mystery of your
death and rising. Send him your Spirit, put your word on his lips, and your love in his
heart – that in all things God may be glorified. Amen.

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