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In the ancient Benedictine tradition, we welcome you as Christ. Whatever your interests may be, we hope your visit to our Abbey will be a source of peace and blessing. 

We invite you to stay a while – to rest in silence, to read, to walk, and to practice the kind of reflection that comes from the deepest places in the heart.

Guest on Hilltop

We invite you to our holy mountain, and hope you will take part in our rich tradition.

Feel free to stroll the hilltop walking paths and pray at the shrines, visit our museum of historic artifacts, or discover the rare book collection in the Mount Angel Abbey Library. Books, religious articles, gifts and espressos, as well as Wi-Fi, are offered at our Abbey Bookstore and Coffeehouse, and the Saint Benedict Guesthouse and Retreat Center is available for personal or group retreats. 

Throughout the day, bells call the monks to the Abbey church for prayer. You are always welcome to join them.

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