Mission and Goals


Mission Statement

Mount Angel Seminary, an apostolate of the Benedictine monks of Mount Angel Abbey, is a school whose primary purpose is the human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation of men for the Roman Catholic priesthood. The Seminary is comprised of a Graduate School of Theology, and a College of Liberal Arts, and, for seminarians requiring additional preparation to enter the Graduate School, a Pre-Theology program. In addition, the Graduate School of Theology offers theological education to qualified laymen and women. The Seminary’s programs adhere to the norms established by the Holy See and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops as stated in the Program of Priestly Formation.

Approved by the Seminary Board of Directors


Institutional Goals                                                                   

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Human Formation

To provide opportunities for personal growth and character development for candidates to the Priesthood, so that they can become virtuous men of the Church who demonstrate affective maturity and reflect as far as possible the human perfection of Jesus Christ.

To provide a climate that supports a commitment to a chaste, celibate lifestyle and fosters a process of life-long conversion.
To promote an environment that is respectful of diversity in culture, age and education in order for students to reflect the gospel and the person of Christ and to enhance ministerial strengths.


Spiritual Formation

To provide an environment where candidates for the priesthood may develop a deep and well-integrated spirituality rooted in the richness of the Catholic tradition. The Seminary will offer a comprehensive program of experiences for the progressive growth and development of seminarians in the spiritual life. Areas of the spiritual life that are part of the program include: his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, his commitment to the Church, and living his priestly vocation through prayer, simplicity of life, obedience, pastoral service, and celibate chastity with integrity and joy.


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Intellectual Formation


To offer academic formation for undergraduate and pre-theology seminarians that introduces them to wide dimensions of human learning and the cultural roots of their faith, and assists them in development of skills in communication and critical thinking in order to prepare them intellectually for graduate theological studies.

To provide for graduate students a theological education that covers the range of Christian doctrine, so that, theologically informed and solidly grounded in the Catholic tradition, they can teach, preach and celebrate with knowledge and skill in ordained and other ecclesial ministries.

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Pastoral Formation

To provide ministerial experiences, pastoral skills and opportunities for theological reflection for seminarians, so that they can become effective pastoral ministers who model and live servant leadership. Pastoral Formation makes use of a three-pronged approach: academic formation, intentional field education placements, and evaluative rubrics that stress the essential collaborative relationship between the four dimensions.

To provide opportunities for candidates to develop a priestly identity. 

To help students acquire the skills of pastoral charity, generosity, humility, and self-giving service.


Mount Angel Seminary is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and by The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS).