Art of Iconography

A Guide to Resources in the Mount Angel Abbey Library

Updated November, 2009

The art of iconography has been a tradition of the church for over 1500 years and is currently seeing a resurgence in the West. Icons are described as "the Gospel in line and color," a depiction of the Incarnate Word. The close association of word and image is brought out as iconographers refer to their work as being written rather than painted. In the words of Theodore of Studios (759-826 A.D.), "his [Christ's] image was drawn in writing by the apostles and has been preserved up to the present. Whatever is marked there with paper and ink, the same is marked on the icon with various pigments or some other material. For the great [Saint] Basil says 'whatever the words of the narrative offer, the picture silently shows by imitation.' Hearing is equal to sight, and it is necessary to use both."

In Behold the Beauty of the Lord, Henri Nouwen says "icons...are created for the sole purpose of offering access, through the gate of the visible, to the mystery of the invisible." "This entry into the world of icons can at the same time be an entry into our own interior life, a passing through the 'narrow gate' that leads to Life" writes John Baggley in Doors of Perception.

Following is a partial list of the many books on the subject in the library's collection, with an emphasis on Byzantine iconography. Among the most recent books, those published since 2000, this list includes a number of "oversize" books, which have excellent quality and relatively large images of icons.

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Books on Iconography

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Video/Audio Recordings

Andrei Rublev (In Russian with English subtitles). New York: Fox Lorber Home Video, 1992.

Contemplating Icons an Introduction to Icons and Prayer. Donnellson, Iowa: Heartbeat [distributor], 1989.

Driscoll, Jeremy. Praying with icons. [Sound Recording] St. Benedict, OR: Mount Angel Abbey, 2001. (Fr. Jeremy Driscoll is a monk of Mount Angel Abbey. All of the particular icons referred to in these conferences were "written" (i.e. painted) by iconographer Br. Claude Lane, O.S.B., also a monk of Mount Angel Abbey.)

The Form of Iconography. Orthodox Liturgical Arts Association, Inc., 1990.

Iconography, Egg Yolk Tempera Technique. Winter Park Fla.: Orthodox Liturgical Arts Association, Inc., 1986.