Ecumenism Bibliography

American Church Records Series

Mount Angel Abbey Library is a charter subscriber to the American Church Records Series compiled by A. T. DeGroot. It includes a number of ecumenical journals on microfilm (interfiled with the rest of the periodicals on microform) as well as retrospective and current records and statistics for the Christian churches of the United States and the rest of the English-speaking world. All these records are on microfilm in the Patristic and Latin Christian Studies Room.

Selected Reference Works

Selected Books

Journals (General)

  • Ecumenical Review (World Council of Churches) This is the WCC's premier journal of theology.
  • Ecumenical Trends (Graymoor Ecumenical Institute). The Graymoor Friars, who originated as an Anglican religious order and joined the Roman Catholic church, publish this helpful newsletter about ecumenical developments.
  • Irénikon (Chevetogne). A scholarly theological journal published by a monastery which has long been in the forefront of Catholic-Orthodox relations. In French.
  • Istina (Paris). Another scholarly journal in French, concerned primarily with the Orthodox church.
  • Journal of Ecumenical Studies (Philadelphia). Wide-ranging viewpoint has reflected liberal Catholic theology.
  • One in Christ (England). A venerable English ecumenical journal.
  • Ostkirliche Studien (Würzburg).
  • SIDIC (Service international de documentation Judéo-Chrétienne (Rome).
  • Sobornost (England). (Incorporating Eastern Churches Quarterly)
  • Una Sancta (Germany). A German ecumenical journal, not to be confused with a now defunct American Lutheran journal of the same name.

Journals of Confessional History and Theology

The library subscribes to non-denominational theological journals, which accept contributions from many points of view; these are not included here. Rather, what follows is a list of journals in the library which consistently present the history and theology of a specific Christian denomination or tradition.