Mark Nussberger, ThD

Mark Nussberger, ThD

Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture



ThD: Harvard Divinity School (2012)
MTS: Harvard Divinity School (2002)
MA: St John’s University (1997)
BA: Chaminade University (1994)

Courses taught
  • Scripture: The Soul of Theology
  • Synoptic Gospels
  • Torah
  • Psalms and Wisdom Literature
  • Prophets
  • Johannine Writings
  • Intermediate New Testament Greek I & II
  • Elementary New Testament Greek I & II
  • Elementary Old Testament Hebrew I & II
  • Chosenness in the Old and New Testaments
  • Themes in Johannine Literature: “Abide and Go”
  • The Psalms: The Church’s Prayer Book & Resource for Pastoral Ministry
Research interests
  • Liturgy and biblical interpretation (in Judaism and Christianity), including theological-liturgical interpretation of the biblical texts proclaimed during the Easter Vigil
  • Old Testament ethics & the relationships between biblical ethics and moral theology
  • Literary-theological interpretation of biblical poetry, including that of the Psalter
  • Ancient rabbinic and medieval Jewish biblical hermeneutics, as well as premodern Jewish interpretations of the ancestral narratives of Genesis and Exodus 32–34
Select projects
  • “Reading in and for Communion: The Study of Scripture,” in Eucharistic Church, Eucharistic Formation, ed. Owen F. Cummings and Mark Nussberger (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2023).
  • “Aniconism and Incarnation: Gregory of Nyssa’s Interpretation of Exodus 32–34 in De vita Moysis,” Revue Scriptura: Nouvelle Série 10.1 (2008) 35–45.
Professional associations
  • Catholic Biblical Association
  • Society of Biblical Literature