Prayer Life and Work

two monks walking

Our Prayer Life

Our life as monks at the Abbey is a gentle and regular rhythm of prayer and work. In addition to gathering six times each day to pray together, we spend time alone in contemplative prayer, spiritual reading (lectio divina) and personal devotions.

Silence is diligently cultivated in the monastery, especially at night, to maintain a prayerful quiet in the house of God and in the souls of the monks. The Hours of the Divine Office are chanted in common with the Eucharist as the high point of our monastic day.

Our Work

At the center of a monk’s life are the prayer, work and Christian brotherhood. Our Abbey’s principal apostolic works are the operation of Mount Angel Seminary, a retreat house, library and pastoral ministry. Each monk brings his gifts to the monastery, and all kinds of work are valued and shared. There is work in the kitchens, on the grounds, in the laundry as well as positions of management and administration. The seminary provides opportunity to study and teach. Of special value, are the arts – music, painting, woodworking, calligraphy, mosaic and graphic arts, and, of course, the work of pastoral care, preaching, sacramental ministry, spiritual direction and parish assistance.

Our Community Life

Friendship, recreation and conversation are important elements of our community life. The monk is not alone in his search for God and in his desire to be conformed to Christ. Through communal living, we learn to assist and to support one another. We particularly experience fraternity as we pray, work, relax, recreate and study together.

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