MS0028 Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis. Roman usage. Latin ms., central France, ca. 1475

16 x 12 cm. Velvet black binding, sewn over 4 raised bands.

Documentation of this manuscript book exemplifies the difficulties encountered by a cataloguer in attempting to accurately describe a bound text. The cataloguer's collation or description of the organization of the text block was: A6, B-D12, E6, F-H12, I-K8, L8(-1). When the book was disbound it was clear that the actual collation was: A8, B6, C-F8, G2, H4, I8, J-K6, L-M8, N8(-1), O6, P6(-1).

However, neither collation is an accurate reflection of how the book was originally constructed. When a map was made of the vellum leaves, i.e. hair or grain sides and flesh sides, it became clear that the previous restoration lost the original order. Some of the leaves were probably broken free when the book was taken to the 19th century binder, and he apparently could not read Latin. He guarded pairs of leaves to make folios and commenced to sew the book back together. It was decided to replace the existing vellum guards, most of which had come loose, with goldbeater's skin, but to leave the order of the leaves as they were. Consequently, the text block is in the order received and the original location of leaves 53, 60, 61, 89, 94, and 95 is unknown. Leaf 101, which is conjugate with leaf 97, is incorrectly numbered and should be leaf 100.

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