Mount Angel Alumni

Class of 1968 reunion photo, taken August 4, 2018
The class of '68 came together for their 50th reunion at the Abbey on Sunday, August 5.

Blessings from the hilltop, to our Alumni!

We hope you have found peace and joy in your endeavors since your time here. Some of you have left only recently, others long ago, but we are grateful to each of you for your desire to stay connected with prayers, teaching, volunteering and financial support.

Over the years, Mount Angel Abbey established six different schools:

Mount Angel College, 1887-1946
Mount Angel Preparatory High School, 1887-1964
Mount Angel Seminary High School, 1889-1979
Mount Angel Summer School of Theology, 1973-1981
Mount Angel Seminary College, 1889-present
Mount Angel Seminary School of Theology, 1889-present

The primary focus today is Mount Angel Seminary, with a fully accredited College of Liberal Arts, a Graduate School of Theology (open to both seminarians and lay students), and a Doctor of Ministry Degree summer program. There are now more than 2,000 alumni of the Mount Angel Abbey schools and ordained graduates of Mount Angel Seminary serve across the nation, but primarily in the western portion of the United States.

Seminarians at prayer in Abbey church triforium 2017

Let’s keep in touch …

If you are an alumnus, we’d love to hear from you!

Whether you have updated contact information to share, would like to schedule a visit to the hilltop or even arrange a class reunion, please email Maurissa Fisher or call 503-330-5012.

Support the future of Mount Angel Seminary

There is no stronger endorsement of our mission than one from the people who know us best, alumni of Mount Angel Abbey schools and seminary. 

As the Abbey and seminary look to improve programs and facilities for the future, assistance from alumni is critical to turning plans into reality. There are many opportunities for alumni giving: