Mass Intentions

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Peace be with you, my brother, and with your family, and with all who belong to you. 1 Samuel 25:6

Individual Mass Intentions

The priest-monks of the Abbey offer a Mass each day and you can have your Mass intentions included. You will receive an acknowledgement letter for each Mass request, or you can request that we send no acknowledgement. If you request that a Mass be offered on a particular date, we will make every reasonable effort to meet that request. Please contact the Abbey at least 6 weeks prior for specially dated Masses. A donation of $10 for each mass is requested but not required. Please contact us or make a donation. Be sure to include your personal intention.

Memorial Masses

Each month for one year, ten Masses are said for the deceased enrolled in this program. We provide a card you may send to inform the the family know that you have asked the monks to say Masses on behalf of the deceased. A donation of $10 is requested but not required. To receive Memorial Mass cards, please contact us.

Daily Community Mass Enrollment

Enrollees are perpetually included in the intentions of the monk's daily community Mass at the Abbey. The person who requests the enrollment will receive a framed scroll in the name of the enrollee.This is a reminder that your loved ones are included in the daily Masses and prayers of the monks. This is a suitable gift for many special occasions. The suggested offering is $100.00. To learn more about the Daily Community Mass Enrollment, please contact us.