Library Staff Listing

The library staff consists of full and part-time Benedictine and lay employees, student assistants, and a good number of wonderful volunteers. Since the library is an apostolate of Mount Angel Abbey, all of the staff, whether clerical, support or professional, endeavor to serve patrons in a spirit of monastic hospitality. In our time and place such hospitality calls for friendliness, respect for others’ need for quiet and privacy, and a recognition that the world, the church, and the Hilltop are enriched by diversity and intellectual curiosity. Each staff member has his/her own area of expertise, but almost everyone takes a turn at the circulation desk to keep in touch with the most important part of a library – its patrons.

Dr. Brian Morin

Library Director

Bruce Flath

Head of Technical Services

Nikki Martin

Interlibrary Loan

Br. Simon Hepner, O.S.B.

Book Mendery

Br. Albert Klotz, O.S.B.

Library Technician

Rachel Schlachter