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Interests of Monks

The monastic way of life encourages individual creativity among the monks. This may take the form of artwork, crafts, intellectual persuits, activities or hobbies. We'd like to share a few of these "interests" with our guests.

"Idleness is the enemy of the soul."
Rule of St. Benedict

Hiking, Trails and Camping

By Br. Cyril Drnjevic

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Monks favorite books

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Books on Transportation Markings

By Br. Brian Clearman, OSB

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Transportation-Markings (T-M) is a study of safety aids from an inter-modal perspective. The study has resulted in a series of monographs: Transportation-Markings: A Study in Communication Monograph Series. 

Drawing, Painting & Iconography

Works by Br. Claude Lane, OSB and Br. Andre Love, OSB

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