Peace and Welcome

Welcome to Mount Angel Abbey and Saint Benedict Guesthouse and Retreat Center. The founder of our ancient monastic tradition, Saint Benedict, teaches in the Holy Rule: "All guests are to be welcomed as Christ." It is in this spirit that Abbot Jeremy and all the monks of the community welcome you to our home.

Saint Benedict Guesthouse and Retreat Center

gh-fr-pius-st-ben-statue-AMount Angel Abbey is a place of prayer and peace. The Saint Benedict Guesthouse and Retreat Center is situated on the south slope of the Hilltop near the monastery, its modest rooms offering views of the Abbey church or the Willamette Valley some 300 feet below. Driving directions and travel information is available on the Abbey's website.

Within the guesthouse and retreat center are spaces for our overnight guests that are conducive to reading and quiet reflection: an adoration chapel, fireplace reading room, and various out of the way places in which to relax.

The guesthouse and retreat center welcomes a diversity of guests: private retreatants, organized group retreats, conferences, and scheduled day visitors to the Hilltop, not to mention the personal guests of the monks and seminarians of Mount Angel Abbey and Seminary.

The monks of Mount Angel Abbey receive you as Christ, and pray that your time on this holy mountain will be filled with grace, peace, and blessed memories that will remain with you throughout life's journey. May you take your leave from us in peace and joy, keeping in mind the prayer of Saint Benedict: that we "may all come together to life everlasting."

To learn more, call 503-845-3025 or email

Due to construction and renovation of the guesthouse and retreat center, the facility will be closed from June through March 2019 while the new building is tied into the existing structure and necessary upgrades are complete. Keep track of construction progress on the Guesthouse Renovation webcam.

The turnaround and elevator from the south side parking level to the Abbey mall and church level will be closed from June 11 through the end of construction. There are spaces reserved on the mall level on the north side of the Damian Center, #9 on this Walking Tour map, for vehicles with disabled parking permits.