Holy Thurs Mandatum

Monastic Prayer Life

The monastic community prays the Liturgy of the Hours 7 times a day, including the “little hours” and celebrates the central mystery of our faith, the Holy Eucharist. All guests are welcome to share in these celebrations of worship and praise. In addition, the sacrament of Penance is made available at regular hours and the blessing of individuals, families, and objects of devotion is available after each Mass. The monastery is a center of prayer, peace, learning, and hospitality.


In keeping with the long monastic tradition, Our Lady of the Angels welcomes many guests. Some come for the day, others for several days, as they seek God through prayer and silence. The monastery offers overnight accommodations and meals. It is also possible to seek spiritual guidance in both the Spanish and English languages. Because the monastery is a popular retreat center, it is important to make reservations as early as possible. A nominal fee is expected in order for the monastery to cover its own expenses.

Retreat Center

The monastery is blessed to provide 40 rooms for retreat groups in a modern facility located on the monastery grounds. Groups may reserve the retreat house, and the rooms, which include bath and shower, may be used privately or semi-privately. The retreat house includes a kitchen, a spacious dining room, convenient meeting rooms, a beautiful chapel, and serene grounds on which to enjoy the pleasant Cuernavaca climate. At this time the monastery is in the middle of constructing an adjacent retreat facility which will double the available rooms. Completion of this new facility is expected in 2010. A schedule of fees has been established and reservations area necessary.


A number of the monks of Our Lady of the Angels hold advanced degrees in Scripture and Theology. These monks play an important role in their own community and in the local seminary of the diocese of Cuernavaca where they hold professorships. The Prior, The Very Reverend Konrad Schaefer, OSB, SSD, is also a member of the faculty at the Pontifical Theological Seminary in Mexico City. Father Konrad is the author of numerous books and articles on scripture and related subjects.

Agriculture and Handmade Items

The monks of Our Lady of the Angels also help support themselves through agricultural efforts, including the growing of avocados, coffee beans, and the cultivation of honey. Likewise, they are known for their beautiful candles, other handmade items, and fresh ground coffee which are all readily available through the Priory Store.