The Mount Angel Abbey Code of Ethical Standards

Stewards of Authority

Throughout his public ministry, Jesus encountered many challenges concerning the origin of his authority. “By what authority are you doing these things? And who gave you this authority?” (Mt 21:23, Mk 11:28). Abbey personnel and seminarians that are in positions of leadership recognize that the authority of leadership comes from God as a gift for the welfare of the Church and it should be carried out with personal integrity and good stewardship.


Abbey personnel and seminarians are expected to be persons of integrity, honesty, and high moral standards, and as such, they have a responsibility to lead by example. In the performance of their duties they are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and conscientious manner, free from any deception, corruption, or action that could be deemed improper.

Respect for Others

Abbey personnel and seminarians respect the rights, dignity and worth of each person they encounter as a creation of God. They strive to be sensitive to cultural differences among people and appreciate the opportunities that diversity brings. Abbey personnel and seminarians are aware that issues of age, gender, race, religion, physical and mental disabilities, and language all affect how the message of the Gospel is received and interpreted.

Commitment to the Church and the Community

Abbey personnel and seminarians who are in positions of leadership embrace the teachings of Jesus and work to promote the Gospel. The Scriptures and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church guide personnel and seminarians who are in positions of leadership when decisions must be made that directly affect those who are served.

Personal Well-Being

Abbey personnel and seminarians are responsible for attending to their own physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health. They should nurture their strengths in these areas and attend to their shortcomings. They should be supportive of one another in maintaining a sense of well-being. Abbey personnel and seminarians should be alert to any impediments to their well-being and seek appropriate assistance.