Calendar of Retreats



That is really good news!

gh-constr-pour_5-2018We are in the process of renovating the Abbey’s guesthouse and retreat center, adding a new wing that will offer a parking-level lobby and meeting rooms, a commercial kitchen and dining room, and new retreatrooms for overnight guests. 

In a second phase, the existing building will be renovated. This means the facility will be closed from June through March 2019 while the new building is tied into the existing structure and necessary upgrades are complete.

The newly renovated guesthouse and retreat center is worth waiting for. In addition to a hilltop level lobby, it will offer a variety of conference rooms, as well as greater space for private reflection, both indoors and out. 

A webcam is available on the Abbey website to watch the progress. We’d love for you to follow along!

Please note: The turnaround and elevator from the south side parking level to the Abbey mall and church level will be closed from June 11 through the end of construction. There are spaces reserved on the mall level on the north side of the Damian Center, #9 on this Walking Tour map, for vehicles with disabled parking permits.







Private Retreat Times
Listed below are times that the guesthouse will be available for those wishing to come on their own for a self-guided retreat.  The guesthouse may be available at other times if space allows.  Feel free to check in with us if you don't see a time that fits your schedule.   You can contact us at (503) 845-3025 or by email:  A non-refundable deposit of $35.00 and your contact information is needed to â€‹complete the reservation.

$90.00 single occupancy with 3 meals
$146.00 double occupancy with 3 meals

$55.00 single occupancy lodging only
$76.00 double occupancy lodging only

April 16-21, 2019 (Holy Week Retreat time)
May 28-30, 2019

June 13-20, 2019
June 28-July 7, 2019
July 15-22, 2019

July 29-August 1, 2019
August 12-14, 2019
August 23-September 3, 2019
October 28-31, 2019

November 4-7, 2019
December 20-30, 2019 (Christmas Retreat time)


2019 Abbey Sponsored Retreats

Cancelled---March 1-3, 2019  Fr. Pius X Harding, O.S.B.
Women's Silent Retreat-"Wisdom of St. Benedict"

Cancelled--March 29-31, 2019   Elizabeth Farley, S.T.D. & Rev. Jacob Stronach, O.S.B.

October 25-27, 2019
Marian Retreat-Elizabeth Farley, S.T.D. & Rev. Jacob Stronach, O.S.B.
Marian Retreat--Adoration of the Holy Eucharist in the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard & Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the writings of Bl. William Joseph Chaminade.  (open to men and women)
$194.00 single occupancy/$326.00 double/ $88.00 commuter

December 6-8, 2019
Advent Retreat-Br Cyril Drnjevic, O.S.B.
$194.00 single occupancy/$326.00 double/ $88.00 commuter

A non-refundable deposit of $35.00 and your contact information is needed to complete the reservation.




2019 Oblate Retreats

You must be an oblate to attend these retreats

Oblates of Saint Benedict are Christians who have experienced in some way a call to embrace Benedictine spirituality. After a time of prayer and discernment they have desired a more formal, permanent commitment to a monastic community. By making this formal self-giving to Christ in communion with a monastic community, the oblate embraces the time-tested traditions and values of the Benedictine way. Oblates are united to the prayer and good works of the monastery to which they are associated while they continue to live out their Christian vocation in the world.

For more information on becoming on oblate, you can contact LaVern Hayworth, Associate Director of Oblates, at 541-567-9708. 

February 1-3, 2019; CANCELLED

April 12-15, 2019; Passiontide at the Abbey; Fr. Pius X Harding, O.S.B.
$262.00 single occupancy/ $428.00 double/ $133.00 commuter

July 9-12, 2019; Oblate Study Days
Tuesday morning to Friday lunch  (arrival on Monday night encouraged)
$215.00 single occupancy/$355.00 double
$339.00 single/$574.00 double occupancy (with St Benedict Weekend also)

July 12-14, 2019; Oblate Benedict Festival Weekend
$181.00 single occupancy/$293.00 double/$72.00 commuter

September 17-19, 2019  Fr John Paul Le, O.S.B.
$194.00 single occupancy/$326.00 double/ $88.00 commuter

September 20-22, 2019  
$194.00 single occupancy/$326.00 double/ $88.00 commuter

November 1-3, 2019  Fr Odo Recker, O.S.B.
$194.00 single occupancy/$326.00 double/ $88.00 commuter