Benedictine Brewery

Benedictine Brewery



Taste and Believe: Monks producing handcrafted beer


The monks at Mount Angel have become part of a 1,500-year-old monastic tradition, brewing artisanal beer.


The Benedictine Brewery is slated to officially open in 2016. Meanwhile, cases of Benedictine Brewery "Black Habit" are available occasionally in the Abbey Bookstore and Coffee House. Benedictine Brewery beer initially will only be sold on the Hilltop. Watch for updates on our Facebook page!



The monks have made inroads into the local craft beer community. Dozens of brewers, beer writers and judging experts have volunteered their time, along with trustees of the Abbey Foundation of Oregon, all offering brewing suggestions and business advice. Portland brewers and fermentation scientists at Oregon State University helped develop recipes.

“At a time when our culture is about getting what you want, when you want it, cheap, we want to offer something authentic, an artisanal brew that is thoughtfully prepared,” says Fr. Pius X Harding, OSB. The monks will even use locally sourced hops, grown on Abbey and nearby lands, and water from their own well.


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