Charitable Gift Annuity

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Charitable Gift Annuity 

A charitable gift annuity is an easy way to make a contribution to Mount Angel Abbey and receive lifetime income for you and/or your spouse. Annuities are available to residents of Oregon and Washington who are 70 and older and give a minimum gift value of $10,000. With a gift of cash or stock, you get the satisfaction of making a significant gift to Mount Angel Abbey plus many other benefits including:



• Fixed, lifetime payments are partially tax free.

• Attractive payment rates are fixed and guaranteed.

• A generous immediate income tax charitable deduction.

• Avoidance of capital gains tax.

• Memorialize your values and dedication to our work at Mount Angel Abbey.

• Make a larger gift than might have been possible during your lifetime.

• Feel good knowing you have supported our important mission with a meaningful gift.



1. Contact Jodi Kilcup for an illustration of how a charitable gift annuity works

including income payments and all the potential tax benefits.

2. Consult with your tax adviser, accountant, or attorney regarding the nature of the charitable contribution tax deduction available for this gift and how it applies to your personal tax situation. A draft agreement will be provided by Mount Angel Abbey.

3. You make a gift of cash or securities.

4. Backed by the full assets of the Mount Angel Abbey, a gift annuity is created with a simple contract.

To learn more about this rewarding way to support Mount Angel Abbey and Seminary, please contact Jodi Kilcup.