Dearest Friends,

On February 1st, we began our seismic upgrade project in the south end of the monastery. The endeavor has gone relatively smooth, but there were a few unforeseen events which caused the forecasted three month closure of the museum to be extended by several additional months. The good news is the actual construction ended in the last week of August.

Since that time, myself and a crew of incredibly wonderful volunteers have been working diligently to reinstall all the exhibits. The goal was to have the museum presentable for visitors during Oktoberfest weekend; and this we did! If you are in the neighborhood for the Oktoberfestivities, please stop by this weekend, Sept. 15–18.

Unfortunately the remodel process is still underway. This means the museum will be closed again on Monday, Sept. 19 until the walls are painted and new flooring is laid in the entry hall.

A projected re-opening date will be in October. This will occur with an informal event to reintroduce the museum collection to the Hilltop and surrounding communities. We are thrilled by the way things are coming together, and we hope to be able to share our expanded collection soon.

Humbly submitted,
Br. Andre Love O.S.B.

Closed temporarily due to construction. We will be open again soon!