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August 27, 2014
My dear confreres, this weekly reflection on monastic spirituality will draw upon the obvious source that is most special to us, viz. the Rule of St. Benedict. It will be a brief reflection in the manner of what some might call a "fervorino," or in more monastic "desert" terminology, simply A WORD, as explained by Benedicta Ward in the foreword of The Sayings of the Desert Fathers. Read More »

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RB 49:7 Look Forward to Holy Easter

February 23, 2015
#14 (Revised — February 17, 2015) My dear confreres. About four years and 39 Words ago, just before Ash Wednesday of 2011, I shared with you A Word from the Abbot entitled “Look Forward to Holy Easter,” and this morning, with Ash Wednesday only hours away, I would like to repeat that same Word with […]

#53 Bound to Satisfaction (RB 43:12)

February 9, 2015
Let us pray. Raise up, O Lord, in your Church the spirit which our blessed Father the Abbot Benedict served, so that, filled with the same spirit, we may strive to love what he loved, and practice what he taught. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. My dear confreres. In the above prayer with which we […]

Homily #537: Will He Find Faith In Men’s Hearts?

December 27, 2014
Christmas Midnight Mass December 25, 2014 My dear friends in Christ. It was exactly 196 years ago tonight, at the Christmas Midnight Mass in St. Nicholas Church in the Austrian town of Oberndorf—the year was 1818—that the assistant pastor, a certain Father Josef Mohr, and the choir director, a certain Franz Gruber, stood in the […]

Homily #572: A Large Crowd Accompanied Him

December 27, 2014
Mass of Christian Burial of Abbot Joseph Wood, O.S.B. Mount Angel Abbey, December 23, 2014 My dear friends in Christ. I’ll never forget the afternoon of Friday, November 21, four and a half weeks ago. It was the memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and that afternoon I accompanied Brother Louis de […]