T-M: Transportation Markings

Transportation Markings

Transportation-Markings (T-M) is a study of safety aids from an inter-modal perspective. The study has resulted in a series of monographs: Transportation-Markings: A Study in Communication Monograph Series.

Transportation-Markings can be defined as any device (external to a transportation mode) which aids a specific transportation mode (road, rail, aero, marine) by giving guidance, by expressing regulations, or by providing warnings.

Transportation-Markings can be visual, acoustical or electronic in their message-emitting character. Visual aids can be fully lighted, partially- lighted, unlighted or indirectly lighted. Acoustical forms include bells, whistles, sirens, tweeters. Electronic forms are increasingly centered on the GPS. A sampler of T-M forms is presented on the next page.

Alternate Titles to Transportation-Markings include:
Transport [ation] Mark [ing]s / Transport Marks / Waymarks /
Transportation Control Devices

Transportation-Markings is an approved Library of Congress
subject heading (used for Markings, Transportation; broader term, Signs and Symbols). The term is not a synonym for road/pavement/traffic/ carriageway/road surface markings. Road markings are placed within T-M in LC practice. A hyphen was added to the original Transportation Markings term in order to create a conjoined noun that might conceivably reduce misuse of the term but to little avail.

Transportation-Markings constitutes a historical, semiotic, communication and taxonomic study set in a framework marked by an holistic, integrative, systematic and holarchic character.

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