Brewery Raising 07

The frames are raised for Benedictine Brewery and Taproom

November 11, 2017

The dream of having a Benedictine Brewery and Taproom on site at Mount Angel Abbey is closer to becoming a reality as the Benedictine monks of Mount Angel were joined by timber framing crews, seminarians, and friends of the community for a ‘barn raising’ style construction day on Nov. 11.

The Benedictine Brewery and Taproom, immediately adjacent to the Abbey hilltop in Mount Angel, will be the location for brewing the Abbey’s Benedictine Brewery craft beer and a place where friends and visitors to the Abbey can come and sample the beer. The site, on the south side of the Abbey’s hilltop, overlooks the valley’s beautiful agricultural countryside, including fields of hops next to the site.

The Abbey is a place where monastic life cultivates hard work and prayer, and every bottle will be brewed to the glory of God. Hops grown on Abbey land will be used to make the handcrafted beer brewed by the monks and much of the wood used for the timber frame structure, siding, signage, and the furniture will be from timber grown on the Abbey tree farm.

The project has been in the planning stages for five years and the Benedictine beers have been brewed on a contract basis through Seven Brides Brewing in Silverton and Upright Brewing in Portland since 2014.  A collaborative effort, the monks have been greatly assisted in the project by the help of dozens of local brewers, beer writers and judging experts. 

The Brewery and Taproom is scheduled to open in the late spring of 2018. In the interim, cases of the Benedictine Brewery ales, Black Habit and Saint Benedict, are available periodically in the Abbey Bookstore and Coffee Shop.

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