General Information

Church Arches to Mall

Check-in time is perferably between 2 p.m. and before Vespers at 5:15 p.m.

Check-out time for private retreats is 11 a.m. unless other arrangements are made. Group retreats should refer to their reservation letter and form for check-in and check-out times. Friday checkout is 10 a.m.

Due to construction and renovation of the Saint Benedict Guesthouse and Retreat Center, the facility will be closed from June through December 2018 while the new building is tied into the existing structure and necessary upgrades are complete.

The turnaround and elevator from the south side parking level to the Abbey mall and church level will be closed from June 11 through December 2018. There are spaces reserved on the mall level on the north side of the Damian Center, #14 on this Walking Tour map, for vehicles with disabled parking permits.

Keep track of construction progress on the Guesthouse Renovation webcam.

Please contact for more information.

The Saint Benedict Guesthouse and Retreat Center has rooms with one full/double bed and a limited number of rooms with two twin beds available for guests. Rooms with one full/double bed will be assigned to married couples and single occupancy guests whenever possible. We try to accommodate the needs of our guests as much as possible but there may be times when guests are assigned a room with twin beds. Although a single person may be assigned a room with two twin beds, they will not be asked to share the room. Rooms with two twin beds are suitable for married couples (if requested) and same gender family and friends.

Each room has a private bathroom (with shower) and we provide bed linens and bath toweling. Although we provide small soaps, guests bring their own toiletries. Additional toweling or blankets are happily provided on request. Extra towels and supplies are also available on the third floor for guests to help themselves.

The conference level has various conference and counseling rooms for structured retreats/meetings and spiritual counseling. The meditation room and chapel offer silent areas for prayer and reflection. Immediately adjoining the conference level is a beautiful outdoor garden for added peace and reflection. We encourage our guests to enjoy these areas as part of their private retreat.

On the first floor, above the conference level, there is a spacious dining room overlooking the Abbey's southern pastureland where hundreds of goats and sheep can occasionally be seen grazing on the lower level.

On the lowest level of the guesthouse there is a private kitchenette. This room can be accessed with guest room keys and is not available to the general public. A refrigerator, microwave and "Crock Pots" help guests prepare their own meals, if they so choose. Storage containers that can be labeled are provided for personal food items. Dishes, cutlery and some cooking utensils are also provided for the use of our guests. A small breakfast bar with stools in the kitchenette allows guests to eat in privacy and the larger social area near to the

The guesthouse is a smoke-free building. One may choose to smoke on the west end of the building, or outside, 10 feet away from any entrance. Unfortunately, we cannot allow the burning of candles or incense in the rooms.

The guesthouse is locked each evening around 9 p.m. It reopens in the morning around 5 a.m. You are free to move about the hilltop as you wish. Punch locks are located at either end of the lobby level (2nd floor) of the guesthouse. The code can be found in your key packet.

It is the custom here at the Abbey guesthouse to remake the bed for the next guest who will occupy the room. This is an opportunity to offer a prayer for them, that the Lord will bless their upcoming visit with his great peace and joy. Laundered sheets may be found in the lower desk drawer. Upon leaving, please leave all used linens on the floor and leave the door ajar so that the housekeepers will know the room is vacant. Upon departure, please return your key by depositing it in the lobby key drop near the office door.

For lost and found items, please check with the guesthouse office at 503-845-3025. All items will be held for one week, after which time items will be donated to a local charitable organization. Mount Angel Abbey is not responsible for lost or stolen items.