The Abbey's Response to Child Abuse

A sacred relationship exists between the Catholic Church and all persons, whether They are children or adults. Child abuse of any kind is a matter of gravest concern. Knowledge of such abuse calls for a timely response so that the safety of the child and the community is assured and healing can begin.

The Coordinator of the Office of Child Protection will respond promptly to persons who contact the Abbey through the Office of Child Protection concerning child abuse.

When allegations of child abuse have been made, the Coordinator will keep in contact with the individual (or the parent or guardian of a minor) and his or her family, if appropriate. Psychological counseling, pastoral care, or the assistance of an advocate for healing may be offered in the spirit of Christian justice and charity as appropriate.

Within the confines of respect for the privacy and the reputations of the individuals involved, the Abbey will deal as openly as possible with the larger community directly affected by the alleged ministerial misconduct with minors.