Abbot Jeremy Driscoll's poems from the 2018 Abbey Bach Festival


The trumpet manConcert-Tesoriere

and the cello lady

are ready to blow

and pull whatever sounds

the conductor says


And the flute man and the violin lady

            wait for the sign that will let them join.


Oh wondrous and careful obedience,

            joyful readiness for saving sounds

When his hand says,

            then sound out for all of us

            a good sweet beat,

            and a true pure sound


pull the notes that will stir the sea within

find the chords that make the planets spin

blend the sighs of the gracefully dying

            with rhythms from the upper air


Watch your conducting man

watch his hand,

for he was there when the mountains were made

and he knew the time when still color had sound


The hand that moves your music

is the hand that moves the stars.