Open Mic Night 2009

Although Mount Angel Seminary prides itself for extracurricular sports activities, the seminarians' talents are not limited to athletics alone. Many seminarians have had diverse careers in music, theater, and comedy prior to their entry into formation at the school, and the Seminary offers diverse opportunities for these Seminarians to express their talents. One of these opportunities is the “Open Mic Night.”

From songs in Spanish to poetry readings, bluegrass songs, and a Formation Director playing guitar, this year’s “Open Mic Night” was filled with a variety of performances from our talented community . The event was held in the former Abbey Press Room, which has been transformed into the Seminary Bookstore and coffee shop.

Congratulations to the Social Chairs for putting on a great show; we look forward to the next social event of the Seminary!

Surrounded by a variety of snacks, Dave McCormick, Archdiocese of Portland, Clayton Baumgartner and Brad Fisher, Diocese of Sacramento, are clearly excited for the event to begin!

With an aim to please the crowd, Raj Derivera, Diocese of Sacramento, shares a poem that he wrote for the event.

Intially the crowd appeared difficult to entertain, but later in the evening the audience was clearly amused by the show.

Bluegrass might not be the most appreciated genre of music within today’s contemporary culture, however, this does not stop the seminary from producing a bluegrass band! With Brad Fisher on vocals, Dave McCormick on mandolin, and Michael Andrade, Diocese of Fresno, on the banjo, the audience at the event was treated to a rare musical experience.

Not willing to be out performed by the students, Formation Director Fr. Terry Tompkins, Diocese of Oakland, gave the Seminary a treat by performing a song on guitar.

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