Mount Angel Seminary

Five years after establishing their community, the Monks of Mount Angel Abbey opened Mount Angel College.  Two years later, Archbishop William Gross of Oregon City asked them to attach a seminary to the College.  Over the years, with the increasing costs and complexity of school operations, the College and its associated high school have closed.  The Seminary, however, has maintained continuous operation.  Today it is home to 114 seminarians from approximately 30 dioceses, plus 40 candidates for priestly formation from religious orders.  Counting 25 lay students working toward advanced degrees in theology, the Seminary maintains a total enrollment of just under 200.

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"The Hope of the Harvest is in the Seed"

The motto of Mount Angel Seminary.

Seminary Education: Mount Angel Abbey's Obedient Service to the Church

"Obeying the mandates of Holy Church, it has been our constant wish to provide our dear diocese with a clergy distinguished for its piety and learning. At our suggestion, therefore, the Reverend Benedictine fathers of Mount Angel have decided to open a seminary for the training of youth for the sublime dignity of the priesthood. Let us pray that Mount Angel may indeed be worthy of its name, and from its beautiful summit send forth angels in flesh and blood to promote, as not even angels in heaven can do, the glory of God on earth."

- William H. Gross, CSSR

Archbishop of Oregon City

4 April 1889