Seminary Governance

The overall structure of governance and administration in seminaries of the Catholic Church is specified the Code of Canon Law and in the Program of Priestly Formation.  Agencies that provide academic accreditation also issue requirements for governance.  In compliance with these expectations, the governance of Mount Angel Seminary comprises the following major offices and bodies. 


The role of the Chancellor is to ensure that the Seminary operates in accord with the mind of the Church.  He appoints the President-Rector and is chairman of the Board of Directors and of the Board of Members.  The present Chancellor of Mount Angel Seminary is:

   The Right Reverend Gregory Duerr, O.S.B., Abbot of Mount Angel Abbey.


The President-Rector cares for the daily supervision of the entire Seminary.  The current President-Rector of Mount Angel Seminary is:

   The Very Reverend Joseph Betschart of the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon.



The Vice-Rectors assist the President-Rector as delegated and oversee the discipline of the student body.  The current Vice-Rectors of Mount Angel Seminary are:

of the graduate school:          Abbot Peter Eberle, O.S.B.

of the undergraduate school:  Fr. Paschal Cheline, O.S.B.

Department Directors

The department directors oversee the operation of the four major branches of the seminary program.  The current department directors are:

Director of Human Formation:    Abbot Peter Eberle, O.S.B.

Director of Spiritual Formation:  Fr. Paschal Cheline, O.S.B.

Director of Pastoral Formation:  Fr. Paul Peri

Academic Vice President:          Deacon Owen Cummings

Episcopal Council

The membership of the Episcopal Council consists of the bishops, superiors and vocation directors of the dioceses and religious orders served by the Seminary.  It serves as a consultative body for the Chancellor and the President-Rector regarding matters of priestly formation and the training of seminarians.

Board of Directors

The membership of the Board of Directors consists of the Chancellor, the Archbishop of Portland, several monks of Mount Angel Abbey, and several lay members.  The Board oversees the welfare, mission and growth of the Seminary, reviewing and approving such areas as the institutional mission, the appointment of major officials, the evaluation of officials, new programs, and the annual budget.

Board of Members

The membership of the Board of Members consists of monks of Mount Angel Abbey.  The Board exercises oversight of the governance and mission of the Seminary, with the power to ratify changes to the institutional mission, the annual budget, the membership of the Board of Directors, etc.