Fall 2009 Day of Recollection

On November 2 the seminarians had their fall Day of Recollection. The conferences were given by Monsignor Dennis O’Donovan, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Portland. The subject of the morning conference was the importance for the diocesan priest of community and personal friendship. The afternoon conference was dedicated to prayer for the diocesan priest, especially the prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours.

The schedule of the day for the seminarians was:

6:30 Breakfasts
7:30 Morning Prayer
8:00 Mass of All Souls and Procession to Cemetary
9:00 Lectio Divina, Spiritual Reading, Private Prayer
10:00 Conference by Monsignor O’Donovan
11:45 Lunch, followed by prayer, reading, exercise, etc.
2:30 Conference by Monsignor O’Donovan
3:00 Lectio divina, spiritual reading, private prayer,
time before Blessed Sacrament, reflection.
4:30 Expostion of Blessed Sacrament, with Gospel & Homily
5:30 Evening Prayer and Benediction
5:50 Dinner
7:30 Scriptural Rosary & Compline

The day was spent in silence from rising until after Compline in the evening.