Seminary Catalog

The seminary catalog is a two-part document titled Mount Angel Seminary: Academic Catalog & Rule of Life.  Part one serves as the academic catalog of the institution, applicable to seminarians and off-hill students alike.  It contains the following information:

  • Academic Policies and Procedures
  • Undergraduate Academic Catalog
  • Graduate Academic Catalog
  • Academic Services
  • Governance and Administration

Part two of the catalog is the Rule of Life for the resident seminarians.  As required by the Program for Priestly Formation, it describes the day-to-day life, the values, and the behavioral expectations of the institution.  It does so by detailing the following aspects of the seminary program:

  • Human Formation
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Intellectual Formation
  • Pastoral Formation
  • Evaluation Process
  • Student Organizations
  • Seminary Services
  • Facilities
  • Procedures

The Academic Catalog & Rule of Life is updated periodically. A PDF version of the current edition can be downloaded through the box at the right.