Mount Angel Admissions

Mount Angel is primarily a seminary dedicated to the formation and education of candidates for the Roman Catholic Priesthood. Therefore, all seminary students require the sponsorship of a Diocesan Bishop or Religious Superior. To acquire this endorsement, please contact the vocation director of the diocese or community for which you wish to study. Then the formal application process can begin.

All applicants are expected to complete an extensive screening process. A checklist is provided below to aid the applicant through the process of compiling the completed application packet, including medical health forms and a psychological assessment guide. Once the application is complete, an on-site interview will be arranged with the Admissions Board as the final step in the process.

Local students who are not candidates for the priesthood but are interested in study at Mount Angel should refer to the section at the bottom of this page for lay student admissions.

For questions or other information not covered here, email or call 503.845.3320.

Financial Aid Calculators

Mount Angel Seminary is pleased to provide an online Net Price Calculator for new undergraduate students to assist you with calculating your “estimated” educational cost and your estimated scholarship and aid package. Please be advised that the calculator is for estimating purposes only. Final eligibility for aid is subject to student completing the FAFSA, meeting eligibility requirements and availability of funds.

Aid Calculator

Seminary Admissions

If possible, please complete these documents electronically and email them to If this is not possible, please mail your completed documents to:

Admissions Office
Mount Angel Seminary
1 Abbey Dr.
St. Benedict, OR 97373

Required admissions documents are in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to edit and save these documents.

Seminary Admissions Checklist. This document provides instructions for applying and a complete list of required documents for Seminary Applicants.

Mount Angel Seminary Application Packet. Only an official Mount Angel Seminary application packet will be accepted.

Letter of Endorsement from diocese or religious community.

Official Transcripts. Request official transcripts from all secondary and post-secondary schools attended. Copies will not be accepted. Applicants should request two sets of official transcripts in sealed envelopes (one set for the diocese/religious community, the other for the seminary.)

Recommendation Questionnaire. Have each of your references fill out this packet and send it directly to Mount Angel Admissions Office. See Page 13 of the Seminary Application.

If applicable, Recommendation from Rector of Former Seminary. If you have attended another seminary please have your former rector fill out a recommendation questionnaire (see previous) and write a recommendation letter.

Mount Angel Seminary Student Health Form (no other form will be accepted).

Professional Psychological Assessment following Mount Angel Seminary’s Recommended Dimensions for Psychological Assessment.

Certificates of Baptism and Confirmation (official documents).

Typed Autobiography (not to exceed 10 pages) describing:
• Chronological history of life of applicant
• Relationships with the applicant’s family and other significant people in his life,
   including romantic involvements.
• School achievement.
• Social life.
• Faith & prayer life with a description of the applicant’s discernment process.
• Work experience.
• Reasons why the applicant is applying to Mount Angel Seminary.

A Recent Photograph (email submission preferred) of the applicant. Please submit a photo that is passport quality and size.

Once all the above required documentation is received, the applicant will be scheduled for an on-site interview with the Admissions Board. At this time the applicant is an official candidate and will be assessed for admissions to Mount Angel Seminary.

Criminal Background Check (This will be done by the seminary at the time of the interview).


Supplemental Applications for some Seminary applicants:

Supplemental Application for Nonimmigrant Alien Students

Mount Angel Seminary is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. Please print the supplemental application above and fax to International Student Services FAX 503.845.3128

English Language and Mother Tongue Language Testing Requirements

Information for Vocation Directors about English Testing

These documents describe additional application procedures for non-native English speaking applicants.



Lay Student Admissions

For local residents who may wish to study independent of sponsorship, please use the Lay Student Application (PDF).