Theological Symposium 2010photograph of Dr. William Stroeger, S.J.

The speaker for the 2010 Theological Symposium is Dr. William Stoeger, S.J., staff scientist at the Vatican observatory and board member of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences. Dr. Stoeger's scientific work includes work on the gravitational accretion of material onto black holes, as well as the implications of observations of the cosmic microwave background for cosmology.

Dr. Stoeger's symposium topic is "Cosmology, Theology, and Creation: What do they have to say to one another?" As a frequent commentator on the connection between science and theology and co-editor of the series Philosophy in Science, Dr. Stoeger's symposium promises to be authoritative and enlightening.

A complete description of Dr. Stoeger's professional work can be found at the Vatican Observatory staff website. The schedule for the symposium is available here.