Volleyball Tournament 2009

Although Mount Angel Seminary is a place for the formation of young men into the Roman Catholic Priesthood, this attitude does not stop the seminarians and priests from having much needed fun! For example, the Seminary hosts an Annual Volleyball Tournament every year. In 2009, with the Seminary at full capacity, the talent and ambition of the students was at a peak. From theologians to collegians, fourth year deacons to first year collegians, the intensity of the competition ran high. As one seminarian put it, “Some schools have Academic Decathlons’. Others have a Division I NCAA football or basketball team. Here at Mount Angel Seminary, we have our Annual Volleyball Tournament.”






Kevin Jam, Diocese of Helena, was the DJ of the event. His music choices got the seminarians pumped up for the event!

Three seminarians from Tucson are getting their diocesan brother, Alan Valencia, warmed up for the event! Words of encouragement were helpful, but the cookies on the back table provided a special boost for this particular athlete.

Two of the teams meet in the center of the court to discuss the rules before the match. Pictured to the right in the brown sweater is T.J. Pearson of the Diocese of Tucson. T.J. served as the main referee throughout the night.




Matthew Lawerence, Diocese of Reno, directs his teammates before serving the ball towards the other team.


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