The Abbey Guest House

"Come away to a quiet place by yourselves and rest awhile." (Mark 6:31)

The Monks of Mount Angel Abbey welcome men and women of all faiths to spend time in prayer and reflection in the peaceful atmosphere of Benedictine monastic life and the unique natural environment of our hilltop.

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Day guests

Guests are always welcome at the Abbey!

The Abbey Church is open to all and you are encouraged to join the monks for prayer services (Prayer service times are listed on the monastery's Liturgy of the Hours web page.) Monastic prayer services are the singing of scripture and psalms. Midday prayer at noon is the shortest, at 15 minutes, and is a nice introduction if you have not attended one before.

The Retreat House has a guest's coffee bar and lounge on the main floor, just off the lobby. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate is available for our guests. Also located on this floor are the admin offices for the Retreat House. The guest's area is a nice place to get a cup of coffee or sit and read. In that area, you are welcome to eat any meals you bring.

Before venturing to other parts of the retreat house, please check with the guest master or co-ordinator to see if there are group activities taking place in other areas of the Retreat House.

On the lowest, or conference level, of the Retreat House, there is a silent [no drink/no food] meditation/reading area at the east end of the conference level as well as the Chapel and garden. You are welcome to enjoy these areas. (When a group retreat is in residence and using the conference area, we ask that visitors use the east end of the conference level only, leaving the west end free for the group retreat.)

The Book Store is located in the Press building at the northwest corner of the Abbey hilltop. This is open to the public and has a wide range of books and gifts. You can also purchase specialty coffees and teas e.g. espresso, latte, etc.

Guests are also welcome to visit the library; please visit their webpage on the Abbey website to check opening hours.

There are beautiful spaces to walk around the Abbey hilltop, including the Stations of the Cross that run parallel to Abbey Drive. In March of 1883 the small chapel currently in the cemetery had been built and was being used for worship. The original wooden monastery was built at the bottom of the hill and the monks moved into it July 14, 1884. The Stations of the Cross was also being constructed at this time. In 1889, Mr. Weber, (originally from Mt. Angel and but had moved to California), purchased, and gave to the monks, the Stations of the Cross statues. They came from Munich, Germany.

On the top of the hill, pathways will take you before each building on the hilltop, and equals the distance of a quarter mile track. If you walk the perimeter path four times around, you have walked a mile.

Please visit us and enjoy your day!

Answers to questions can be found at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Private Retreats

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The Guest House provides warm Benedictine hospitality within a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. Come, re-energize and center yourself in the sacred surroundings of our Abbey - established in 1882.

Situated on the south-east side of the Abbey hilltop, the Guest House offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Willamette Valley to the south and a peaceful view of the campus mall with our romanesque Abbey Church, bell tower and Monastery to the north.

In the Guest House you will find quiet and comfortable areas conducive to reading, rest and reflection. The Abbey Book Store can be found in the northeast corner of the lobby on the main level. Here you will find a fine selection of books, music, rosaries, and more! Just off the lobby, the visitors coffee bar and lounge is a good place to get a cup of coffee or tea and visit with friends or other guests.

The conference level has various conference and counseling rooms for structured retreats/meetings and spiritual counseling. The newly remodeled meditation room and chapel offer silent areas for prayer and reflection. Immediately adjoining the conference level is a beautiful outdoor garden for added peace and reflection. We encourage our guests to enjoy these areas as part of their private retreat.

On the first floor, above the conference level, there is a spacious dining room overlooking the Abbey's southern pastureland where hundreds of goats and sheep can occasionally be seen grazing on the lower level. On the lowest level of the Retreat House there is a private kitchenette for guests. This room can be accessed with guest room keys and is not open to the public. A refrigerator, microwave and crock pots help guests prepare their meals. Clear containers are provided for food storage. Dishes, cutlery and some cooking utensils are also provided for the comfort of our guests. A small breakfast bar with stools in the kitchenette allows guests to eat in privacy and the larger social area near to the sink and coffee and tea area has direct access to the garden terrace where guests are welcome to enjoy meals al fresco.

The Abbey is blessed with both landscaped and natural grounds. The pathways on the Abbey mall offer a peaceful place to stroll and enjoy the architecture of the Abbey buildings. A walking path that runs parallel to Abbey Drive allows guests to follow the Stations of the Cross. Visit the news page to read an article about the Stations of the Cross.

Our guests are encouraged to visit the library where they may read, study and enjoy the ambiance of our renowned library with its' outstanding collection of theological and historical works. The building was designed by the famous Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto.

Guests are invited to participate and share in the prayer services with the monks. Psalms, canticles, antiphons and prayers are sung and recited at various times throughout the day. Prayer service times can be found here. Attending the prayer services will enhance your Abbey experience and give an extra dimension to your retreat.

Private Retreats and Private Group Retreats may be arranged by calling the Guest House office during the office hours (Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.) at 503-845-3025 or emailing

For lost and found items, please check with the Guest House office at 503-845-3025. All items will be held for one week, after which time items will be donated to a local charitable organization. Mount Angel Abbey is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Our staff is always ready for your arrival!