Private Retreats

This information is for individual retreats: please see Group Retreats page for information about reserving rooms and meeting space for your privately-directed group retreat.

Reasons for making a
private retreat

• To deepen one's relationship with God
• For personal reflection on spiritual matters
• To refocus on God
• To seek God's healing grace
• For spiritual renewal
• To study the truths of the faith
• To consider a serious or difficult decision

We are sorry - there is no availability for private retreats in September or the first three weeks of October.


Private retreats take place Monday to Thursday when we have availability. Exceptions to this are Easter Triduum and Christmas (when Christmas day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday). It helps us arrange your stay if reservations are made in advance (same day reservations are usually not available). Arrival days are Monday-Thursday, except holiday and closure days. (Sunday is not available for arrival or overnight stays.)

A private retreat usually lasts two or three days but may be as brief as an overnight stay. The Retreat House office will do what is possible to accommodate your needs. Overnight lodging is available only for persons making a private retreat. A Private Retreat can be made individually or with a companion.

Mount Angel Abbey Guest House has rooms with one full/double bed and a limited amount of rooms with two twin beds available for guests. Rooms with one full/double bed will be assigned to married couples and single occupancy guests whenever possible. We try to accommodate the needs of our guests as much as possible but there may be times when guests are assigned a room with twin beds. Although a single person may be assigned a room with two twin beds, they will not be asked to share the room. Rooms with two twin beds are suitable for married couples (if requested) and same gender family and friends.

Each room has a private bathroom (with shower) and we provide the bed linen and bath toweling. Although we provide small soaps, we recommend guests bring their own toiletries. All of our staff is happy to help if you need additional toweling or blankets. Extra towels are also available on the third floor for guests to help themselves.

To enhance the Benedictine experience, we ask that our guests remove the used bedding and put clean bed linen on the bed before departure. This is provided in each guest room (bottom drawer of the desk in the room). This is a good opportunity to pray for the next person who will use the room.

Spiritual direction may be available for guests of Mount Angel Abbey. During busy times, spiritual direction may not be available. This can be arranged directly with the Guest Master after your arrival.

Part of a Benedictine retreat is taking meals with other guests and a monk as a 'community'. Guests are asked to take all meals (no pro-rate or credit for meals not taken). At the same time the community of guests along with the Guest Master or Asst. Guest Master are taking meals together, the other monks of Mount Angel Abbey will also be taking the same meal in the monastery! The Abbey kitchen can prepare vegetarian or vegan meals when notified in advance.

For guests with food allergies or those wishing to make a totally private retreat, lodging-only retreats are available at a reduced rate.

Read about one our guests' experience on her web site here. It has some great ideas about getting ready for a private retreat and what to do while you are here!

Please note: guest rooms have small personal fans but are not air-conditioned.

Reservations can be made Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (excluding holidays/vacation). Please telephone 503-845-3025 or email Please note the phone is often busy and it may be the following business day before your call can be returned. Messages are not checked over weekends and closure days.

For a printable PDF document that gives information about making private retreats, including costs, please visit this link.

For lost and found items, please check with the Guest House office at 503-845-3025. All items will be held for one week, after which time items will be donated to a local charitable organization. Mount Angel Abbey is not responsible for lost or stolen items.