Something Old, Something New . . .

Expect to find classic titles as well as a selection of new Catholic titles each month here at the Abbey store. We watch publisher's information, read reviews and solicit recommendations from monks, professors and staff, friends, retreatants and visitors. We really have a marvelous "advisory board" to keep us abreast of the best Catholic literature available. You too can be a member, let us know what you're reading!

New on our shelves this month

    The Lion's World, A Journey into the Heart of Narnia: retired Archbishop of Canterbury,  Rowan Williams, reflects on the C.S. Lewis' Narnia tales with affection, yet he parses them with keen theological insight. For all of of us who loved Narnia when we were young but want to revisit it with an adult faith.

    I Told My Soul to Sing: Finding God with Emily Dickinson by Kristin LeMay. Author LeMay looks to Emily Dickinson's poems to illuminate her own spiritual questions and struggles. A fresh approach to reading Emily Dickinson.

    Love and Salt: A Spiritual Friendship in Letters  Amy Andrews and Jessica Meshman Griffith became friends and spiritual companions in graduate school. Seperated by miles as their lives proceeded, they took to writing to one another daily to maintain their friendship and deep spiritual connection. A homage to friendship and the unique medium of the handwritten word. You will want to pick up a pen and a sheet of note paper and connect with your own soul friends!

    Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game by John Sexton. "A love letter to America's most beloved sport and an exploration of the deeper dimensions it reveals."  Sounds like the perfect summer read!