Transportation Markings: Monographs


A Study in Communication Monograph Series


Alternate Series Title: An Inter-modal Study of Safety Aids

Alternate T-M Titles: Transport [ation] Mark [ings]/Transport Marks/
Waymarks/Transportation Control Devices

Transportation-Markings General Table of Contents with Index
1st edition, 2002 [No ISBN] 44 pages
2nd edition, 2003 [No ISBN] 48 pages
3rd edition, 2004 0-918941-21-0 69 pages
4th edition, 2005 0-918941-23-7 73 pages
5th edition, 2006 0-918941-25-3 94 pages
6th edition, 2008 978-0-918941-29-9 100 pages [Addendum to Title: With General
Preface for T-M Monograph Series]
7th edition, 2010 978-0-918941-32-9 105 pages [Addendum]
8th edition, Projected

Volume I, First Studies in T-M

Transportation-Markings Foundations (Part A)
lst edition, 1981 [See Unified edition, University Press of America, MD]
2nd edition, 1991 [Foundations only] 0-918941-04 18+149= 167 pages
3rd edition, 1999 0-918941-14-8 149 pages
4th edition, 2005 0-918941-22-9 192 pages
5th edition, 2008 978-918941-28-2 252 pages

A First Study in T-M: The US (Part B)
lst edition, 1981 [Unified edition, UPA]
2nd edition, 1993 0-918941-05-9 8+198=204 pages

International Marine Aids to Navigation (Parts C/D)
lst edition, 1981 [Unified edition, UPA]
2nd edition, 1988 0-918941-01-6 10+230=240 pages
3rd edition, 2010 978-918941-28-2 274 pages

Unified Edition:

Transportation Markings: A Study in Communication [Parts A-B-C/D not listed in title]
University Press of America, 1981 0-8191-1654-8 29+459=488 pages

2nd Impression, 1985, Mount Angel Abbey, 0-918941-06-7 [Parts A-B-C/D listed]

Volume II, Further Studies in T-M

International Traffic Control Devices (Part E)
lst edition, 1984 0-919941-00-8 10+259=269 pages
2nd edition, 2004 0-918941-19-9 257 pages

International Railway Signals (Part F)
lst edition, 1991 0-918941-03-2 18+273=291 pages

International Aero Navigation Aids (Part G)
lst edition, 1994 0-918941-08-03 13+214=227 pages

T-M General Classification (Part H)
lst edition, 1995 [Title: General Classification of International Transportation
Markings] 0-918941-09-1 120 pages
2nd edition, 2004 0-918941-18-0 138 pages
3rd edition, In Process

Volume III, Additional Studies in T-M

Transportation-Markings Database (Part I)
Marine Aids to Navigation (Part Ii) [Original Title: Database of Transportation-
Phenomena: Marine]
lst edition, 1997 0-918941-10-5 210 pages
2nd edition, 2007 0-918941-26-1 306 pages

Traffic Control Devices (Part Iii)
1st edition, 1998 0-918941-13-X 179 pages
2nd edition, 2008 978-0-941-27-5 289 pages
Railway Signals, Signs, Markers (Part Iiii)
1st edition, 2000 0-918941-15-6 325 pages
2nd edition, 2009 0-918941-30-5 454 pages
Aero Nav Aids (Part Iiv)
lst edition, 2001 0-918941-16-4 348 pages
2nd edition, 2009 978-0-918941-31-2 450 pages
Composite Categories Classification & Index
lst edition, 2006 0-918941-24-5 306 pages
2nd edition, Projected

Volume IV Final Studies in T-M

Transportation-Markings: A Historical Survey, 1750-2000 (Part J)
lst edition, 2002 0-918941-17-2 233 pages

Transportation-Markings: as an Information/Communication System
[Part K, Vol IV, Projected]

Unpublished Monograph:

American Transportation Markings: A Study in Communication, ca. 1977
ISBN: 90-316-0132-2
Publisher: Peter de Ridder Press, Lisse/The Netherlands (Went out of Business)
#11, Studies in Semiotics
Thomas Sebeok, editor
Research Center for Language and Semiotic, Indiana University, Bloomington
Monograph included some of the current Part A and most of Part B. Approximately
175 pages in draft form.

Projected Additional Monograph Editions:

Table of Contents, 8th edition
T-M General Classification, 3rd edition
T-M Database: Composite Categories Classification & Index, 2nd edition
Transportation-Markings: An Integrative Perspective, 1st edition

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