Transportation Markings: Images


Pictorial Images

The pictorial images are centered on two pivotal linchpins: a traditional lighthouse and a navigation satellite. The lighthouse is the most prominent of all T-M forms. Lighthouses have been photographed, painted, have appeared on countless calendars, have been the focus of preservation efforts (and in inverse proportion to their practical significance). Lighthouses bespeak of a previous era and can serve as a reminder of all traditional safety aids. The navigation satellite presents a new safety aid, that of GPS, and represents a form of safety aid of ever increasing importance. The remaining images are grouped around these key elements. They stand as types for the vast array of forms serving the several transportation modes.





1 Lighthouse: Johnson 1890 (Hunting Point LH, SC)
2 Satellite for GPS: GPS Navstar User's Overview 1986
3 Bell Buoy: US Coast Guard 1979 (1942 model)
4 Color Light [All-lighted] Railway Signal: India Railway Board, ud
5 Marker Board: Nederlandse Spoorwegan (Railways) 1984
6 Key Token: Field & Grant (Tyer Co.), ud
7 Daybeacon: Norske Sjomerker (Norwegian Seamarks), ud
8 Stop Sign: US MUTCD 1983
9 Railway Target: Camp 190