Oblate Prayer Board

The prayer board is an opportunity for anyone to request prayers for urgent needs, as well as the occasion to pray for others, “to lay our petitions before the Lord God of all things with the utmost humility and sincere devotion” (Rule of St. Benedict 20). When prayers are requested, they will be included in the intentions of the whole Mt Angel Abbey Community.

Send prayer intentions to MtAngel.Oblate@gmail.com

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July 11

1. Thank you for the many prayers and support during my husband's bout with cancer. We are awaiting a cat scan to decide next steps. We pray for our Benedictine family and for the repose of the soul of Father Bede and all those who have gone home to their eternal reward. HAPPY FEAST DAY ST. BENEDICT.
Sylvia and Paul
July 6

1. Please pray for Barbara and her total recovery after two separate falls. She is hospitalized with multiple injuries, including a concussion, broken vertebrae and pelvis. After stabilization, she will be in a long care facility for possibly 3 months.
July 1

1. Please pray for Mary who is in bed with severe back pain after surgery. Pray that her doctor is able to diagnose and provide effective treatment, allowing her to return to her daily activities at home and in her community.


June 22

1. Please pray for my husband’s well being, peace of mind, and remission of cancer as he begins radiation for recurrence of cancer after prostrate surgery. Please pray too that by God’s grace I am able to support and comfort him during this process.


2. I'd like to send my warmest congratulations to Frs. Basil, Andrew and Teresio, on their ordination to the Priesthood; best wishes to all! Peace!
Oblate Sue (Benedict) Buttler
May 29

After a long pause I'm starting to work again but I'm not yet fully recovered from my non-small personal problems and losses, so I kindly ask from you to pray for me so I can persevere on the job that is so needed for my family.


Thank you.
May 14

Please keep one of my co-workers in your prayers; he has diabetes and has been quite ill lately. He's also missing a lot of work. I'm sure he'd thank you for your prayers, too. Thanks, and Peace!
Sue (Benedict)