Oblate Prayer Board

The prayer board is an opportunity for anyone to request prayers for urgent needs, as well as the occasion to pray for others, “to lay our petitions before the Lord God of all things with the utmost humility and sincere devotion” (Rule of St. Benedict 20). When prayers are requested, they will be included in the intentions of the whole Mt Angel Abbey Community.

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Feb 17

I am in a relationship that has me crying every night, and it's causing severe depression and stress on me. I thought I found my soul mate. A couple months ago I found out he has a drug addiction. I've prayed, and he seems to be improving but he is still not who he was when we met. I pray for him to be the kind of man God wants him to be. To treat me with respect and honesty, and to be loving caring and patient. I pray to know if I am wasting my time with him :(
Please pray for his addictions to vanish, and the loving person I met to come back.
Feb 17

Hello, please add our intentions to yours.

For Mark and Lorrie –
Lord we ask that you reach into their lives with your mercy and love and draw near to them. Please bless them, heal them, guide them, help them. For their conversion, the gift of faith, greater trust and faith in you Jesus, a personal relationship with the Lord. Please fill both of them with the spirit of forgiveness, hope, joy and love. We ask for spiritual protection for both of them. Please help them to remove anything from their lives that is displeasing to you Lord. For an increase in purity, honesty, charity, compassion, love for others, understanding. Please remove the hold of addiction in their lives and replace it with you. For a good support network and good environment to be in a healthy place. To come back to the sacraments especially mass, communion and confession. Please save them Lord and help them to get back on a good and healthy track in life. Please hear their intentions. For a new beginning in life. For help, support and deep healing. For total surrender. Thank you Lord.


For Kim –
For deep healing, letting go of the past, empty her and fill her with you Lord, that she grows in right reasoning, discernment, temperance and self control. That she learns to control her thoughts, words & actions and that they glorify you. Please help her to be thoughtful in life and to think before speaking. Help her to moderate her passions. Please heal her from past trauma. For a new beginning in life. That her sense of self and identity is based in you Jesus. Help her grow in joy, peace, patience and the development of her sense of humor in life. That she would get rid of all the junk in her life which do not glorify the Lord. Help her to be a good mother and wife, totally selfless, thoughtful and loving. That she grows in patience and learns to forgive herself and others. For total trust and surrender in Jesus. That she would give up the pursuit of self protection or preservation and grow in trust of the Lord. Help her to see the truth and goodness in all things. For an increased spirit of gratefulness in her life. God bless her abundantly and heal her in every way please Lord. For her intentions. Lord please bless our marriage, friendship, communication and love.

Amen. Thank you. God bless.
Feb 13
Please pray for my daughter, Therese. She was born prematurely at 32 weeks and is currently in NICU. She is doing very well, but more prayers always help.


Neil B
Jan 12
Please pray for my discernment, and the deepening of my Benedictan spirituality. I have currently been a novice for six months and my hope is I will be able to become an oblate of Mount Angel Abbey.


Nick W
Jan 11
I'd like to offer a prayer for the repose of the soul of my mother's friend, Virginia Welsh, who passed away in Nov., 2013. St. Benedict, pray for us!