We have joined the "Social Media Network" such as Facebook, blogs, etc. to keep our friends, community members and our guests in the loop with our Abbey and Seminary events.

Under "Church Organizations" you will find a selection of links that you might find helpful in learning more about the Catholic Church and the Benedictine Confederation of monks.

"Catholic News Sources" are sites that we find to be reliable sources of world news from a Catholic perspective, many of them available in multiple languages.

Even though Benedictine monasteries are independent of one another, we do have relationships to one another and to monastic communities outside the Benedictine Confederation. "Other Monasteries" will take you to see some of our friends and family in the monastic world.

We thought you might enjoy visiting some of the places where monks of our community like to go. "Monk's Favorite Links" will take you to this eclectic world.