The Library Staff

The library staff consists of full and part-time Benedictine and lay employees, student assistants and a good number of wonderful volunteers. Since the library is an apostolate of Mount Angel Abbey, all of the staff, whether clerical, support or professional, endeavor to serve patrons in a spirit of monastic hospitality. In our time and place such hospitality calls for friendliness, respect for others' need for quiet and privacy, and a recognition that the world, the church, and the hilltop are enriched by diversity and intellectual curiosity. Each staff member has his/her own area of expertise, but almost everyone takes a turn at the circulation desk to keep in touch with the most important part of a library--its patrons.

Victoria Ertelt

Library Administrator

(503) 845-3102

Bruce Flath

Cataloging Librarian

(503) 845-3360

Melinda Holderness


(503) 845-3303

Laurie Maurer

Acquisitions and Serials

(503) 845-3032

Sandi Ritchey

Interlibrary Loan

(503) 845-3317

Br. Simon Hepner


(503) 845-3217