Difference of opinion is helpful in religion.

-- Thomas Jefferson

American Religion Data Archive

The ARDA collects quantitative data sets for the study of American religion. Included are surveys of the general population, selected religious groups, and religious professionals as well as aggregate data files.

Calvin College Post-Reformation Digital Library  Index to digital books covering Post-Reformation/Early Modern Era (16th-18th centuries) theology.  Includes both primary and secondary sources.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

This is a wonderful resource. Hundreds of full-text classic Christian writings are available.

Dead Sea Scrolls - Library of Congress Exhibit

The Library's exhibition describes the historical context of the scrolls and the Qumran community from whence they may have originated; it also relates the story of their discovery 2,000 years later.

Papyrological Resources

This page includes links to various data banks of papyri, invaluable resources for research of the New Testament period.

Virtual Religion Index

"This index is designed as a tool for students with little time. It analyzes & highlights important content of religion-related websites to speed research."