A Guide to Resources in the Mount Angel Abbey Library

Written January, 2010

The Protestant Reformation is traditionally dated from about 1517 through the end of the Sixteenth Century. It is a challenge to keep the topic of the Protestant Reformation manageable. For example, The World Council of Churches, which began in 1948 with 147 churches, described itself in 2010 as "a worldwide fellowship of 349 churches seeking unity, a common witness and Christian service." Clearly it would be difficult to grasp the historical developments which led to 349 Christian communities to go separate ways. That would be like trying to examine individual branches of a tree. A more fruitful way to begin is at the trunk, with Christian communities which formed early in the Reformation. Then one can take the topic to the particular branch being examined.


  • General Introductions
  • General Bibliographies
  • Lutheran Reformation
  • Calvinist / Reformed Tradition
  • Early Anglicanism
  • Internet Resources

General Introductions

General Bibliographies

Lutheran Reformation

The Library has some 240 books about Martin Luther, and closely related topics. In addition to the books listed here this includes the 54 volume set, with a separate index, of Luther's Works: Saint Louis : Concordia Pub. House, <1955-1986>. (BR330.E5 P4 v.1-55)

Calvinist / Reformed Tradition

Early Anglicanism

[This book is in the series "A History of The English Church," which has nine volumes which span from the in the Sixth Century foundation of the English Church through the Nineteenth Century.]

Internet Resources

The Reformation Guide

"This Reformation Guide is intended to provide easy access to the wealth of Internet information available on the reformation period."

The Protestant Reformation

Includes primary texts concerning these Reformations: Lutheran, Calvinist/Reformed, Radical, English and Scottish.


Emphasizes primary texts from Luther and early Lutherans, as well as a variety of other Protestant Reformers.

Project Canterbury

"Project Canterbury is a free online archive of out-of-print Anglican texts and related modern documents." The site covers major topics of Anglicanism from the Sixteenth Century to the present.