Medieval Studies

Medieval Studies is a wide-ranging subject embracing theology, art history, literature, archaeology and so forth. What follows is a very basic bibliography of resources (mainly available at Mt. Angel Abbey Library and on the Web, although some other resources are listed).


Since Medieval Studies is an interdisciplinary field, tools for bibliographic access are very important. Needless to say, bibliographies specific to fields like literature, history, and art have sections dealing with the medieval topics. The two most comprehensive bibliographies devoted specifically to medieval studies are:

  • International Medieval Bibliography. Leeds: University of Leeds, 1968-. Published twice a year. Arranged by subject (e.g. daily life, economics, social [history]), with author and subject index at the end of each issue. (Z 6203 .I63)
  • Medioevo Latino. Spoleto: Centro di Studi sull' Alto Medioevo, 1980-. Covers 6th through 13 centuries. Arranged alphabetically by medieval authors and texts, then by subjects. At back of each volume are indices of manuscripts, Latin words, places, modern authors. (LatX Z 2000 M35)
  • Bulletin de théologie ancienne et médiévale. Leuven: Mont César, 1929-. A more specialized bibliography. Each issue has entries arranged chronologically by subject, with separate author index. The final issue in each multi-year volume has index of names as well as index of theological topics. (Bound Periodicals)
  • Williams, Harry Franklin An Index of Mediaeval Studies Published in Festschriften, 1865-1946. University of California Press, 1951. (LatX Z 6203 W5 1951)



Encyclopedic Reference Works


  • Butler's Lives of the Saints. Ed. Alban Butler, Herbert Thurston and Donald Attwater. 4 vols. Westminster, Md. : Christian Classics, 1981. Available on CD-ROM in the Reference area. (BX 4654 B976); copy in Lat Xn
  • The Cambridge Medieval History. Ed. J.B. Bury and H.M. Gwatkin. 9 vols. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1966-. (Lat Xn D 117 C144) There is a two-volume abridgement, edited by Previté-Orton: The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1966. (D 117 P929 1966)
  • Dictionary of the Middle Ages. Ed. Joseph R. Strayer. 12 vols. + index. New York: Scribner's, 1982-. (LatX D 114 D5). In Lat Xn there are equivalent encyclopedias of the Middle Ages in German (still in progress) and in the Scandinavian Languages.
  • Dictionnaire de Spiritualité Ed. Marcel Viller, et al. Paris: Beauchesne, 1937-. Now almost complete, this encyclopedia is excellent for the history of religious practices and ideas. (LatX BX 841 D67)
  • New Catholic Encyclopedia. 14 vols. + index. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1967. (Reference BX 841 N44) [copy in LatX]



Selected Books


Journals: Medieval History, Thought, and Language

(Some of these journals are not carried by the Abbey library)

  • Analecta Bollandiana. (1882-) Hagiography; articles in European languages.
  • Archives d'histoire doctrinale et littéraire du Moyen Age. (1926-). Deals mainly with the history of philosophy of theology. Most articles in French; published by Vrin.
  • Cahiers de civilization médiévale. (1958-). University of Poitiers. French. History.
  • Medieval Studies (1939-). Published by the Pontifical Medieval Institute in Toronto. French, German and English.
  • Proceedings of the PMR Conference (1976-). Publication of the Patristic, Mediaeval, and Renaissance Conference, an annual Mid-Atlantic States Conference sponsored by the Augustinian Historical Institute.
  • Recherches de théologie ancienne et médiévale. (1929-). Published by the monks of Kaisersberg Abbey, Leuven. A leading journal for the study of Christian thought. Mostly in French.
  • Scriptorium. (1947-). International review of manuscript studies. Mostly French.
  • Speculum. (1926-). Journal of the American Medieval Academy. English. Usually contains four or five articles and a hundred or so book reviews.
  • Studi Medievali sull'alto medioevo. (N.S. 1982-). An excellent semi-annual publication on the early Middle Ages. Articles in European languages, mainly Italian. History.
  • Traditio: Studies in Ancient and Medieval History, Thought and Religion. (1943-) Published by Fordham University.

Medieval Art



Internet Resources


The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies. Provides organized access to electronic resources in medieval studies. Includes a search engine for locating resources on a particular topic.  (