Blessed Virgin Mary

Below is a select bibliography of recent theological works about Mary, followed by a summary of Pope John Paul II's encyclical on Mary. The bibliographical list could be augmented by many additional works. Purely devotional works, works about apparitions, and most older works are omitted, as are recent psychological and political critiques of Marian doctrine and devotion. The rest of the library's holdings on Mary can be found on the shelves where items for which call numbers are given are located; i.e. around BQT 1000, BT 600, N8070.

Someone interested in researching a topic could begin with articles in the New Catholic Encyclopedia or with O'Carroll's Theotokos, both of which would give directions for further research. The articles in The Way give a first orientation to ecumenical discussion of the topic. Current theology is surveyed in Tambasco. Very recent articles can be located in ATLA Religion Database and the Catholic Periodical Index. The most thorough bibliographical source is the annual survey of Mariological studies in Marian Studies, the annual publication of the Mariological Society. There are any number of studies on Mary in art; see the subject catalog, "Mary, Blessed Virgin--Art."


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